by Angharad May Jewellery


A Dainty Moonstone Necklace. Delicate and feminine for everyday wear, and an added touch for those special occasions

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Product description

You are Enough

You are Worthy

You are Accepted

You are Adored

You are Loved

Jesus died because He loved you so much! That I for one, will never get my head around this, but I know He loves me unconditionally, and more than anyone has or ever will be able to love me.

His actions made you Enough, Worthy, Accepted, Adored and totally and utterly Loved. 

Accept His love for you today and let this gorgeous dainty Moonstone Necklace remind you always of who you are in His eyes.

As a designer, I hope that when you look down at Dottie, you will be reminded of His Great, Great love for you. He simple adores you more than you will ever be able to comprehend, nor understand.

- Recycled Sterling Silver

- Ethically sourced Moonstone Semi-Precious Gemstone

- 18 Inch Sterling Silver Chain

Lovingly handmade at my Jeweller's Bench in Yorkshire, using Traditional Silversmithing Techniques.

* Each order is made by hand and takes between 3-5 days before being dispatched *

Meet the Maker

Angharad May Jewellery

Dainty and Delicate Feminine Jewellery

Lovingly designed and handmade by Angharad, at her jeweller's workbench in Yorkshire.  Traditional silversmithing techniques are used such as sawing, soldering, stone setting and polishing.

Everyday pieces made for everyday wear. Affordable handmade designed jewellery, made to make the wearer feel totally and utterly adored.

The Story Behind Angharad May .....

If there was one word to sum up Angharad May, it would be LOVE!

My jewellery always has a story to tell, a meaning behind it, letting the wearer know they are so loved and are so so valuable.

Seeking this type of pure unconditional love, can only come from our Heavenly Father. 

Many people seek validation, love, acceptance, forgiveness and approval from wrong sources. 

My jewellery is here to lead people back to the true and only source of peace within one's soul, and that is Jesus! No one else and only Him.

Experiences can mark us, words and people can mark us, but only God's love will wipe away those incorrect labels and cover us with His true love, true acceptance, true forgiveness and true approval in our lives. 

People seek forgiveness from themselves and acceptance and love from others, but only God can truly give this. He is the only one who will never let us down and will fill that hole that nothing else can.

I pray my jewellery will affirm people's self-love, value and worth, based on our Father's amazing love for us.

Love Always,

Angharad x

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