' Bring it all to Jesus' A4 Poster

by Lou Fellingham


Taken from the lyric of one of Lou Fellingham's songs. This poster is a great reminder to bring everything to Jesus

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Product description

There are so many moments in life where we can end up feeling like we have to hide things from God.  That we have to have everything in order before we can come to Him.  That just isn't true.  Because of all that was accomplished through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus we can now come freely, bringing our fears, worries, failures before Him and receive freedom as step into His wonderful gift of grace.

Meet the Maker

Lou Fellingham

A range of cards, posters, mugs and journal to encourage and resource you in your daily walk with Christ

I am primarily known as a singer, songwriter and speaker who loves to encourage people in their walk with Jesus.  I am passionate to see Christians of all ages living a full life in Jesus.  Whether equipping you  in song or word or through these resources you find online, they all have one purpose...to lift your gaze upward and help you to worship.  Each item has a story behind it.  I truly pray they will be a blessing to you.

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