Handmade, Sterling Silver Minimalist Jewellery

In a world riddled with clutter and expectations; where life seems to sweep you away from the you, you once were or at least thought you were; sometimes all you need is that moment of stillness; finding that little bit of clarity. Often it's when you get trapped by the weight of it all and let the world and all it's pressures pass you by that you find rest in that embrace of simplicity where you find yourself again. And so we BREATHE! We've learn't to delight in the stillness that rebukes the 'me first' entitlement and ignites the eyes of empathy that somehow got lost along the way. And when we breathe... the world seems just that little bit bigger than the chaos we left behind.

Sometimes we all need that hint of simplicity to let go of what doesn't benefit us anymore and hold on tight to the things that do. Breathe is for the girl with the mind of a minimalist and a love of clean lines where what you see is what you get.

Why Handmade?

We get asked this question ALL the time... "Would it not be easier and way cheaper to get all your designs cast and mass produce it all?" definitely would BUT... we like how the handmade process with all the little makers marks and imperfections reminds us of who we are. We aren't perfect and were never going to be - sometimes we make mistakes - but what really counts is whether we choose to live in the mindset of 'i'm not enough' or whether we choose to pick ourselves up; embrace the journey with all its trials and remind ourselves that 'we are more than we think we are'.

#please note due to the handmade nature , each piece is made to order and can take up to 10 days to make however will generally dispatched within 5 working days.