Beaded Heart Bracelet Jewellery Kit

by Fair Bloom


Make your own heart bracelet with this all-inclusive do-it-yourself jewellery kit. Choose from 4 colours and enjoy your time indoors!

Product description

A series of little hearts line up together to form a sweet pattern.

Available in 4 colour options - rose gold, pearl, silver gold and grey blue. Please select at check-out.

Kit includes:

- All the beads and crystals needed to make your own beaded heart bracelet (3 hearts)

- Pre-cut bracelet chain, jump rings, clasp and extension chain ready for assembly

- Beading needle 

- Spool of beading thread (colour will complement selected colour of bracelet)

- Full colour printed instructions

You will need a sharp pair of scissors to snip off thread ends, a small pair of pliers to assemble the chain and findings to your beaded piece, and a piece of felt/cloth to work on to prevent beads from rolling around. 

Beads are packed in reused ziplock bags. Please reuse where possible!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the instructions as I am happy to help and guide you into the wonderful and challenging world of beading! xx

Meet the Maker

Fair Bloom

Colourful and delicate bead jewellery

Shop announcement - I am currently on maternity leave as we expect our baby girl in December! As such, the shop is closed for all orders and will reopen in February next year. 

Thank you all for your support for small handmade businesses like Fair Bloom so far. I look forward to seeing you again in 2021!


Fair Bloom represents the vision of all women knowing their true beauty and worth. It is the desire for women to recognise that who we are is wonderfully acceptable, unconditionally loved and definitely, definitely enough; there is no need to be more of this or less of that. We are beautiful because we belong to Jesus Christ. 

The word ‘beautiful’ seems to have lost the true offering it carries. The suffix -ful tagged on at the end of a word is often overlooked. But what if we broke the word down?

Wonderful = full of wonder

Joyful = full of joy

Beautiful = full of beauty

Standing alone, -ful becomes ‘full’ and returns the significance to the word.

Full = containing as much as possible; not lacking anything; having no empty space; complete.

I hope that my jewellery conveys the message that "You are beauti-full. You are loved. You are not taken for granted."

Every woman is, without shame, a fair, beautiful bloom because of Christ. And because of that, your story is worth celebrating.

Celebrating you,


Fair Bloom | Marianne Tan | Bible Verse Beaded Jewellery | Cheerfully Given

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