Be Brave Print - Masterpiece Song (Unframed)

by Rudge and Garnett

A song inspired print to encourage bravery in who we were wonderfully made to be!


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- This print is UNFRAMED.

- Print Size: 6x4in (approx. sizes may vary slightly due to cutting)

- Comes lovingly packaged in brown envelope, with a rustic twine bow and a 'Rudge and Garnett' gift tag.

- Printed on 190gsm Watercolour paper for a luxury textured finish.

- Please note: Colours may vary from what you see on your screen.

The story behind the print: 'Masterpiece’ ©

In July 2019 whilst at the piano God gave me this song and a real burden to sing for those who are struggling with who God's made them to be.

Here are the lyrics:

Do you see the stars in the night?

I know them all by name.

I made them all, and I made you.

Do you see the mountains high?

Do you feel so small staring up at the vastness of the sky?

Do you see the oceans deep -

Going on forever and ever, or so it seems?

Well I made them all.

Yes, I made them all, and I made you.

Look at you - You're the most beautiful thing that I ever made.

You're my masterpiece.

So be brave turn your eyes to me, and be

Who I made you to be.

I didn't made mistakes with you.

You are not an exception to this rule.

I made you perfectly -

You're designed just how I made you to be.

So be free. Lift your head up high.

This is who you are, don't you know that sometimes feelings lie.

But know my word: my Word is true.

I made you as you.

So be who I made you to be.

‘Rudge and Garnett’ is a small business with a big heart for seeing hope and joy spread like wildflowers. We want to spread hope and joy, not just in the art we create, but also in a practical way through the sales they generate: A percentage of this sale goes towards supporting the valuable work Black Country Women's Aid. These funds will go towards their emergency crisis fund, which will pay for things such as getting a taxi to refuge, a bus fare for a young person to meet for counselling and buying a kettle for somebody moving out of refuge. Such small things can contribute to making a big difference!

Meet the Maker

Rudge and Garnett

A Heart for seeing Hope and Joy spread like Wildflowers. Cards, Prints and Giftware by Naomi Evans.

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