Ariela Ireland

Each candle in Ariela Ireland is based upon a fragrance from the Garden of Spice in the Song of Songs. They evoke the wonderful scent of God’s presence to meditate, worship or simply ponder upon. Be intentional about the fragrance that surrounds you!

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Fragrance is woven throughout the Bible, from holy anointing oil to alabaster jars to expensive perfume, each scent is deeply meaningful.

Song of Songs Chapter 4 names nine fragrances In the Garden of Spice.  With the understanding of interpretation it opens up the Song of Songs to greater depths of intimacy.

The Song of Songs reveals God’s heart to us.  The invitation of communion in Him remains always open.

“It was I who took you up and hid you up high in the secret stairway of the sky.  Let me see your radiant face and hear your sweet voice.  How beautiful your eyes of worship, and I love the sound of your voice in prayer.”  Song of Songs 2 v 14 (The Passion Translation)

Pomegranate         Divine Love

Henna                        Joy that overflows

Spikenard                Peace that subdues

Saffron                      Patience that endures

Calamus                   Kindness in action

Cinnamon                A life full of Goodness

Frankincense         Faith, Faithfulness that prevails

Myrrh                         Gentleness of heart

Aloes                           Strength of spirit

Ariela Ireland Candles

Our Candles are made in our Studio in the Mountains of Mourne, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Each one is hand-poured with the purest of ingredients. 

Ariela Ireland’s Candles are cruelty free and vegan friendly.