A5 Pale Blue Habbakuk 2:2 Textured Cover Gold Edged Notebook

by Mustard Seeds


A5 Pale blue gold edged notebook with 128 off-white lined inner pages.

Ships from United Kingdom

Ready for dispatch in 1-3 Business Days

  • UK - £2.25

Product description

This notebook is perfect for taking notes in church, writing down thoughts and ideas. The inner pages consist of 128 pages of  thick 100gsm off white delicately lined pages, your pen will thank you!

The cover is hand foiled in gold and made from card sourced from recycled coffee cups (the environment will thank you!)and embossed with a beautiful lattice pattern.

Each notebook is carefully painted with a gold gilt edge to finish.

Meet the Maker

Mustard Seeds

Building faith through journaling, notes and planning

Mustard seeds is an obedient response to a call; to design and produce quality and luxurious notebooks, journals, stationery items which inspire and most importantly build your faith. 

A written thought, idea, vision or plan is like a seed waiting to grow into an amazing future in God's hands. 

We are destined for great things in our individual spheres of influence and we can begin to have clarity of direction when we write down our thoughts. These "writings" will either form a road map to our "expected end" or serve as encouragement as we look back on how far we have come by grace.

My greatest joy would be to see our products become invaluable tools in documenting and enjoying your walk with God.

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