A4 She confidently trusts print-Psalm 46:5

by Brush and Post


This A4 She confidently trusts the Lord to take care of her print with a plain white background would be the perfect gift for a women.

Product description

An original lettered adaption of the verse Psalm 46:5 on a plain background. It is printed on A4 white paper with 160gsm. We cannot promise that the pictures in the photos hold the exact same colours of the actual print due to different screen configurations. Frame not included. 

We like to name our prints after people we know who have encouraged us and shown us Jesus's love through the verse. We know this as Mollie's print. Mollie is Naomi's cousin who is just four years older than her. 'Her love for life and people has always been something that inspires me, alongside her fun and beautiful personality! I'm so thankful to have such a strong women of faith in my life that has shown me Godly confidence! Her ability to base her self-worth not in fleeting emotions but in the unchanging, riches of the creators love for her is amazing. She knows that the lord is good and will take care of her. This has taught me the value of Godly confidence and the loving affect it has on yourself and others as they can see God working within you.'


Meet the Maker

Brush and Post

Hand lettered products inspired from God's word designed to encourage.

Brush and Post is made up of Hannah and Naomi who are two friends who have a real passion for lettering! We both live busy lives studying but enjoy taking time out to do our lettering which we both find extremely relaxing and fun at the same time! This led us to wanting to set up Brush and post. This name stemmed from the idea that we use brushstroke lettering in our designs and then we love to post it to friends and family to brighten their days and we hope you can to! 

We design hand lettered bible verse prints, bible verse encouragement cards and have just started greeting cards. We hope to expand our card collection and add different types of products to our collections. We also love to do personalised orders so if this is of interest then please contact us. 

Alongside modern calligraphy some of our other passions are going on adventures, friendships and Jesus! Our faith is very important to us and we like to centre our work around this verse. 'encourage one another and build each other up' (1 Thessalonians 5:11). Another area we are passionate about is for slavery to be abolished everywhere. That's why we have decided to donate 20% of our profits to A21, whose mission is exactly that. 

We hope you love our various designs and products as much as we have enjoyed making them!

E N J O Y !

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