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How can I find out more details about a product?

Step one is to look underneath the pictures and read the details in ‘product description’. If this doesn’t answer your query, we recommend you contact the seller directly.

To contact a seller, click on their shop name underneath the product title and then scroll down to 'contact seller'.

How to find out more details about a product | Cheerfully Given

Can products be personalised?

We have specific personalised categories (cards, homeware, prints, & jewellery). However if you see an item you like that is not in those categories, we suggest you contact the seller directly. Many are able to work with you on personalising products.

I have a question about a specific product, how can I ask it?

Our sellers are always happy to answer any questions you may have about a product. To contact a seller, click on their shop name underneath the product title and then scroll down to 'contact seller'.

Question about specific products | Cheerfully Given
How to find a seller with specific products | Cheerfully Given

I'm buying something I need urgently, can I get next day delivery?

Given most of our sellers create products to order, it is unlikely they will be able to offer next day delivery.

If you email the seller, by clicking ‘Contact [shop name]’ (on their shop page), they may be able to provide this service, but we cannot guarantee it.

Do you sell anything apart from Christian gifts?

In short: no. The heart of Cheerfully Given is Jesus and a desire to bring good quality Christian products into the market. We want to stay focused on selling products that speak the life of Jesus and encourage people in their faith.

There are so many items on the website, how can I find what I'm looking for?

We know the site can be a bit overwhelming with many different products. If you haven’t managed to find what you’re looking for through the ‘categories’ menu (just under the logo at the top of the page), then there’s a search button in the top teal band.

How to find an item how to search with categories | Cheerfully Given
How to search with search bar | Cheerfully Given

Can I send an item as a gift?

Absolutely! We love that you want to share the delightful goodies on offer by our amazing Cheerfully Given sellers. Here is a full how-to guide.

Do you sell gift cards?

Unfortunately we do not currently have the option for gift cards. Keep watching this space though!

If your question is not answered in any of the sections above, please contact Customer Services at and we'll be happy to help you, or try one of the other pages:

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