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What is Cheerfully Given?

We’re a community of sellers made up of artists, designers, and makers who love Jesus wholeheartedly and want to provide a platform for customers to buy quality design-led products that celebrate the life found in Jesus.

As a Christian marketplace website, you’ll find a wide range of items on Cheerfully Given, from handmade silver jewellery to journaling Bibles, each seller with their own shop and individual items.

Our website isn't just a place to buy more stuff on the internet. It's a space for people who are passionate about reflecting the life of the Triune God. We want to encourage thoughtful, fair gift-buying and a new way of sharing Jesus in our homes.

Why does Cheerfully Given care about Christian gifts? What's the big deal with visual arts?

Creative arts have been at the core of Church life since the tabernacle was constructed, so we want to encourage and share that great treasure. We want to worship the Divine Craftsman with excellence in all kinds of creative ways.

On top of that, we love sharing about Jesus and all that He's done for us. A part of that is through gifting amazing presents that are not only thoughtful and beautiful, but speak about Christ and encourage people to learn more about our amazing Creator God.

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Does Cheerfully Given attend Christian events and conferences?

We do! We annually host the Creative Christianity Conference (this year we went online and you can find the Creative Christianity Summit available on demand here) and host many other workshops throughout the year.

Previously, we’ve had teams at big Christian events like A Big Church Day Out, David’s Tent, and New Wine.

We absolutely love working with churches and communities to create customised workshops to reach out into the community (you can find out more on this page).

How can I find out more about Cheerfully Given?

We have a bit more about our story here and you can always keep up with our latest updates via social media (we have an active Facebook Group called ‘The Cheerful Givers’ we’d encourage you to be a part of).

If there’s a specific question you’d like to ask, you can pop us an email at and one of the team will get back to you.

I would like to get Cheerfully Given involved with my church, how can I do that?

We love hosting Bible journaling workshops and many other workshops. There is more information here about how we can work with you, including a form to apply.

If you want to speak to one of our team, you can also contact us by emailing

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I know a Christian artist who would benefit from Cheerfully Given, how can I get them signed up?

We have an apply to sell page that you can direct them to. Our family is constantly growing and we love welcoming talented makers into our community.

If your question is not answered in any of the sections above, please contact Customer Services at and we'll be happy to help you, or try searching one of these other pages:

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