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“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving." 

Cheerfully Given run high quality creative events that are geared towards sharing the life of Jesus and enriching communities with outstanding arts education. 

Identifying the problem

Church life is hard. You aren’t getting many new people in and you don’t have enough volunteers. The events you run are ok but they’re last minute, time consuming, and have a definite “voluntary” vibe to them. The people who are faithful volunteers across a number of different rotas don’t have time to take anything else on. You want to reach new people, but you’re stuck in the daily grind and don’t have enough time to put on new events or change things up. You’re stretched thin in all areas – time, finances, people.

It should be easier to build community and get people in.

Your church’s craft group is a great place for existing members to meet together, but it isn’t intentionally community-focused. It’s run by an amazing handful of volunteers, but they are limited for time and they aren’t professionally trained creatives so the projects tend to be basic rather than high quality pieces that people can be proud of.

You want to deepen relationships, reach more people in your local area, and bless them with Jesus-like hospitality. You want to show them love and welcome, but it feels overwhelming on top of all of your daily responsibilities to do something new.

Imagine having a room full of people who have never been to your church before. Imagine having a high quality event that has cost you minimal time and volunteers. Imagine being able to focus on relationship building and sharing community instead of worrying about how to get new people into church.

Welcome to Cheerfully Given Workshops

A new way to reach people in your local community, and the easiest way to run a superb, professional-quality event that will bless your local area. Our workshops are particularly popular with those in the 18-45 age bracket, including those dubbed the "lost generation" by many churches and Christian media outlets.

Our vision for creativity in the church is inspired by the mind of the Maker! One of the ways we see the Living God’s vision for creativity is in the creation of the tabernacle.

Bezalel was appointed as the chief artisan of the tabernacle, and Exodus tells us he was Spirit-gifted and Spirit-filled as he shared in the creative life of the truly creative One.

Everything that was crafted explicitly spoke of the Living God and all of creation. It wasn’t some abstract prophetic art that hinted at some future event, it was an elaborate and clear message. It was carefully considered and crafted by experienced artisans in line with the brief of sharing the story of the ultimate reality. 

When we look at sacred art through the ages, we see that it reflects the mood and style of its surroundings, e.g. Byzantine, Roman, Renaissance – yet how intentional are 2018 churches about ensuring that creative pursuits are done in a way that reflects 21st century style?

Just as the tabernacle, that visual picture of the great reality, was at the heart of life for the Old Testament people of God, so Christ and His Church should be at the centre of our lives and communities today.

Our speciality is creative community

With over 22,000 followers around the UK and a community of over 120 professional creatives who are Christians, creative community is our passion. It’s what we’re great at.                             

Our mission is to serve churches with high quality events that spread joy and bring people to Jesus.

We want you to use these workshops to do good in your church or community, whether it’s reaching new people in your community, blessing an existing ministry group (we’re pretty popular with women’s and mums’ groups!), or fundraising.

We have a pool of tutors who are specialists in their creative disciplines, with many years of professional experience and training, who are ready to delivery joyful events to your community that celebrate creativity and colour. 

When we see how incredible God is, we want to work with our whole hearts to share that with those around us. We want to be known for excellence and for reflecting how amazing our heavenly Father is in everything we do.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • An art group that is only attracting over 65s
  • Difficulty reaching 18-45s in your local community
  • Lack of time or volunteers
  • No adult-friendly creative events
  • Stuck in an events rut: same things every year
  • A vision for creative community that is limited to Knit and Natter

We can help you. Let us refresh and encourage your church and community with some of our creative passion!

Why is creativity good for community?

Countless studies have shown how the creative arts enrich the lives of those who undertake them, with research showing the emotional and health benefits of art in fostering an overall sense of well-being. They help people learn new skills, and they can open new career opportunities. They boost people's confidence and sense of achievement as well as being a great way to relax. Creativity encourages emotional functioning and helps people to flourish mentally, physically, and socially. Crafting contributes to cognitive development and overall well-being.

Why should churches run high quality craft workshops?

Over 17% of the population are involved in art groups around England alone, and with under 2% of the population attending Church of England services, creative events are a brilliant way to foster relationships with your wider communities who may never otherwise come to church.

In a world searching for purpose and belonging, creativity can help to bring people to the LORD Jesus who answers every question about why we're here and who poured out His life to give us community, family, and relationships with eternal value.

These workshops are for those who are broken and those who've got it all together; they're for those who are happy and those who are sad; they're for those with loads of friends and for those who are completely alone; they're for the hurt and the helpless and for those who feel like they're winning at life; they're for the ambitious and the hopeless, for the educated and uneducated. They create space for healing and love and community so that we as the Body of Christ can walk alongside people and share the life of Jesus with them.

"In a world searching for purpose and belonging, creativity can help to bring people to the LORD Jesus who answers every question about why we're here and who poured out His life to give us community, family, and relationships with eternal value."

What kind of creative workshops are available?

Bible Journaling or Faith Journaling Workshops

People use Bible journaling for many reasons - as a creative way to remember Bible verses, as a way to visualise what's happening in the passage, or as an act of worship. It's increasing in popularity, and lots of people are curious about how they can use art journaling to deepen their faith and explore the teachings of the Bible. These workshops will provide a joyful atmosphere to explore art journaling and how it can be used to illustrate sermon notes, devotional passages, and worship songs that point us to Jesus. 

Brush Lettering Workshops

Brush lettering is a popular derivative of modern calligraphy, using a paintbrush and ink or watercolour paints to create a fluid, relaxed script. The tutor will guide you through learning brush strokes and shapes before you practice a full alphabet, and attendees will leave the workshop with a finished piece of brush-lettered art. 

Crochet or Knitting Workshops

These traditional crafts have seen a resurgence recently, and our crochet and knitting workshops are available for every level from absolute beginner through to advanced. In the beginners' courses you'll learn the basics like how to hold your hook or needles, common stitches, and the different types of yarn. More advanced classes will teach you how to make varyingly complex garments and bigger projects.

Floristry Workshops

Whether you're interested in making bouquets to gift to your friends (or make for your wedding!) or you'd like to make centrepieces suitable for big family dinners, or you fancy channelling your inner flower child with a flower crown, our floristry workshops will give you a contemporary introduction to the craft, helping you with composition, colour, and caring for cut flowers.

Journaling Bible lies open on a page advertising Bible Journaling Workshops at Cheerfully Given

Jewellery Making Workshops

Learn different jewellery making techniques from beading to metal work with a variety of jewellery making workshops suitable for every stage of experience.

Linocut Printing Workshops

Linocut is a traditional form of printmaking that involves carving your design into lino before loading your stamp with ink and hand-printing your designs onto card or fabric. Whether you'd like to make some festive cards or you fancy a bigger project like making your own linocut lampshade, these classes will instil you with a passion for the hand-crafted nature of traditional printmaking.

Modern Calligraphy Workshops

Learn how to use a nib and ink with aplomb with our modern calligraphy workshops, perfect for up-levelling your happy mail game. You'll learn how to create letters using fluid hand movements and varying pressure with a modern calligraphy nib (and holder, of course!) and a pot of ink. 

Needle Felting Workshops

If you love the more tactile things in life, needle felting is a brilliant way to relax. Using wool roving and special needle felting tools, you'll shape your fibres into woodland characters perfect for popping on a shelf or wearing as a brooch. 

Glass frame lies open with cut paper flowers for Papercut Illustration Workshops at Cheerfully Given

Painting, Drawing, or Illustration Workshops

If you've always been curious about painting, or you fancy trying your hand at (clothed!) life drawing, we have a range of workshops that will help you get to grips with pencils and paint (and everything in between). From watercolour florals to painting landscapes with leftover paint samples, we have a number of different options that will appeal to any budding artists (even if you don't think you're a budding artist). 

Papercut Illustration Workshops

Learn the art of papercut illustration! Using colourful paper and scissors, you'll learn all about composition and layering, enabling you to make a beautiful set of papercut flowers and giving you the skills to go home and try your hand at illustrating the dog (or the goldfish!) using layers of paper.

Spinning Workshops

Spinning workshops are a great way to try spinning your own yarn, and learning more about where our wool comes from and the process in getting it from sheep to jumper. 

Textile Workshops

Whether it's making a hanging banner, a book cover (or Bible cover), a poetry scroll, personalised hanging hearts, or a piece of embroidery hoop art, we've got a range of workshops that are based around the use of fabric and textiles.

Other Workshop Options

Whatever you've got in mind, let us know! We have tutors all over the country who are highly skilled in their creative disciplines, so it's no trouble for us to source a workshop specific to your needs. 

A bright tablescape with Today is gonna be the day letters above and fun crafting materials at Cheerfully Given

What do you get?

We’ll match you with a highly trained tutor who’s an expert in their craft. In the run up to the event, we’ll provide you with the print-ready digital files for flyers, posters, social media graphics, newsletter graphics, and sign-up sheets. We’ll also provide you with an event planning checklist to make sure you get the most out of your event for the smallest possible time investment on your part, including advice for ticket sales depending on your financial goals for the event. You’ll get access to training videos for using EventBrite and Facebook Events and advertising to generate lots of local interest in your event. On the day, we’ll provide event styling to decorate your space and create an inspiring, colourful, and creative environment for your workshop.

We want this to be as easy as possible for you so that you don’t need to recruit volunteers or spend hours emailing people to organise everything. Normally, you can expect to spend at least 30 hours' planning an event from scratch in your church, but with Cheerfully Given Workshops, we take all the stress out of it for you and reduce that to less than a couple of hours.

Secular workshops of a comparable quality would cost in the region of £45-£75 per person, but we want you to use these workshops to do good in your local area, whether that’s for mission or for fundraising.

Our church workshops start from £275 for up to 20 people

We’ve created an affordable pricing structure that allows you to run a really beautiful event with everything supported for you for less than £20 per person. We offer upgrade options that allow you to add luxury goody bags or a seriously delicious afternoon tea as well.                         

So if you’re ready to run a seriously awesome creative workshop in your local church or community group, fill in the form below and let’s make something beautiful happen!

You can also contact us by emailing  

So if you're ready to run a seriously awesome creative workshop in your local church or community group, fill in the form below and let's make something beautiful together!