Prayer: Cheerfully Given Sellers Chime In

Christian Prayer Ideas from Cheerfully Given Sellers

Creative Christian prayer ideas from our lovely Cheerfully Given sellers.

Here are some great ideas that a few of our Cheerfully Given sellers have found useful in their own personal prayer journeys.

Joshua 1:9 Modern Calligraphy Print | Chassy Calligraphy | Cheerfully Given

Chassy Calligraphy: a more creative journaling style

Hilary from Chassy Calligraphy says:  "This year I switched up my journaling style from linear (traditional "dear diary" style entries, except mine said "dear god") to a more graphic format (a la bullet journaling) as I've found it works better for my graphic brain!"

Prayer Scripture Cards | Zoeprose | Cheerfully Given
Zoe Powell Zoeprose

Zoeprose: Prayer walls & journals

Zoe from Zoeprose said: "I have always loved writing and found it a really helpful way to connect with God. I’ve written prayers for years and years - the process of writing has been the most helpful and looking back at them on occasion obviously reminds me of God’s faithfulness in different seasons.

"The film the War Room challenged me on my attitude to prayer and also how much faith I am praying with. It can be tempting to worry aloud instead of allowing our prayers to transform our will into God’s will and to help us see others with his eyes.

"I often intend to pray for people and forget, which is why I made the prayer postcards so I could put them and pictures all together as a ‘prayer wall’ as a visual reminder."

Jenny Baker | Grizzli Bear | Cheerfully Given

Grizzli Bear: Drawing & being creative

And Jenny from Grizzli Bear says: “I find drawing a Bible verse and lettering it helps me dwell on it more as I'm reading it, and I tend to it remember it more during the day too. Being creative and arty with it makes me calmer too and more ready to hear what God has to say to me. I've also started to make some Bible verse colouring pages for me and my kids to do together so we can think about God's creativity while we exercise our own!”

There is no single 'you must pray this way' formula as our sellers have found - the important thing is that we keep communicating with God and praying for both ourselves and others.

Whether you write your prayers to Him, spend an hour prayer walking with Him in nature, or simply find a quiet place to petition, may 2020 be one where you learn even more the power of consistent prayer.