Pentecost Food Ideas - Fiery Marshmallow Pops

Pentecost Food Ideas - Fiery Marshmallow Pops

Another name for Pentecost Sunday (20th May in 2018!) in Anglican, Methodist, and Catholic traditions is Whitsunday. The etymology of "Whitsunday" comes from "White Sunday" because priests and ministers would wear white vestments. 

Although it's a historical term and is used less now, some people eat white foods to celebrate the day! So we thought we'd give the traditional a modern twist with these (white) marshmallow pops decorated in a Pentecost-inspired colour palette of dyed white chocolate. 

They're really easy and fun, and would be a great activity to make with little ones if you don't mind a bit of chocolatey mess in your kitchen.

All the ingredients to make Pentecost Party Food Marshmallows at Cheerfully Given

Pentecost Marshmallow Pops - You Will Need:

- Marshmallows (we used giant marshmallows from Tiger, but you can also buy large American-style marshmallows in most large supermarkets)

- White chocolate: this will be melted!

- Food dyes: we used the Colour Splash range of gel-style dyes which we bought in Home Bake Shop in Southwell

- Cake pop sticks

Dying four bowls of White Chocolate with Food Dye at Cheerfully Given
Four bowls of white chocolate dyed with food dye at Cheerfully Given

It's time to melt and dye your white chocolate!

White chocolate can be a little bit fiddly to melt, so our preferred method is to break it up into a bowl, set it over a pan with about 2cm of water in the bottom, and gently melt it over a medium heat. You can melt it in the microwave, but it burns easily or separates so just be careful! 

Once your white chocolate is melted, separate it into smaller bowls ready to add your different dyes. We used four different colours so we split our chocolate into four smaller bowls.

Add some dye to each bowl of white chocolate to get your desired colour -- we used cake pop sticks to stir it as they come in handy when you're drizzling the chocolate later in the process. 

White marshmallows on Cake Pop Sticks at Cheerfully Given

Time to get those mallows on sticks. Abracadabra, you've got a marshmallow pop!

Gentle push the cake pop sticks into the marshmallows to create your marshmallow pops - take care not to push the stick through the top of your marshmallow though!

Decorating your marshmallows

Now comes the really fun part - adding your colourful chocolate! 

We laid our marshmallows out and did one side at a time. For each colour, we trailed a cake pop stick covered in chocolate across the marshmallow approximately 5-7 cm above it to get a nice abstract finish that didn't look manufactured. We repeated the process with each colour until we were left with lots of lovely looking marshmallows!

White Marshmallows on Cake Pop sticks at Cheerfully Given
Pentecost Party Food Fire Marshmallows on sticks against a pink background at Cheerfully Given

What other Pentecost food ideas do you have for Whitsunday?

These are a brilliant idea for all age Pentecost services, or as an after-church activity with your little ones. They're also great if you just enjoy marshmallows and chocolate! 

They take a little while to dry solidly, but once they're dry, you could take them up to church and give them out to people without worrying too much about getting red-coloured white chocolate on their Sunday best! They're a nice treat for coffee time afterwards, and the colour scheme is a nod to the story of Pentecost in the first few verses of Acts 2.

For other DIY ideas, including a Pentecost Tassel Wall Hanging, check out our DIY section on the blog.

Pentecost Fire Marshmallow Cake Pops lay on a pink backdrop at Cheerfully Given