Our Favourite Christian Planners for 2018

Cheerfully Given Our Favourite Christian Planners for 2018

Our Favourite Christian Planners for 2018

There's nothing quite like a fresh diary or planner at the start of a new year. It's full of hope and possibility, and also the mild terror that you'll spell your name wrong on the first page and have to live with that for the next 365 days. (No? Just me?!)

Christian planners have been quite the trend over the past couple of years in the USA - with so many wonderful companies like Rifle Paper Co. creating beautiful products, it was only a matter of time before people started creating Christian options. There's something truly lovely about having a tactile, non-digital product to plan your days.

There are a lot of really specifically Christian daily planners available in the USA, but shipping them over here costs a fortune, and not everybody wants to invest £40-£50 in a chunky little number, so choices with Bible verses throughout them are a little bit more limited here in the UK.

We've included a little round-up of some planner options below that are all from UK-based businesses and feature a Christian element. If you're late to the planner game and would like a more traditional option, Hello Day is featured below, but Papermash is a gorgeous website which carries a great selection (including Rifle Paper Co. products) and is also run by a lovely Christian woman.

A4 Weekly Desk Planner from Morning by Morning Illustrations

A4 Weekly Desk Planner from Morning by Morning Illustrations

Su-Ann from Morning by Morning Illustrations developed this beautiful weekly planner pad last year, and it has been incredibly popular! We sold out of it really quickly at the summer events in 2017, and it's definitely one of those eye-catching things that people love to get as a gift.

Inspired by Scandinavian-style patterns and a pastel colour palette, each of these A4 planner pads comes with 52 undated sheets - enough for a whole year, but without adding that date pressure if you don't use it one week!

There's space for Prayer and Praise as well as a Notes section and a Bible Verse of the Week space, alongside seven spaces for each day of the week. It's great for your work desk, or I have mine in my kitchen to keep track of meal-planning and general household to-dos. You could pop some self-adhesive magnet (like this) on the back and pop it on the fridge to keep it handy.

Hello Day Tate Planner 2018

The Hello Day Planner - Original or Minimal?

Arguably the most Instagrammable planner going, Hello Day Planners are the next level in luxurious life-tracking. This brush-stroked beauty is the Tate, but the planners are available in four different cover designs, all coming with beautiful gold details (including corner brackets to stop the edges getting tatty in your handbag). They aren't specifically Bible-focused, but Kirsten, the designer, is a Christian and has included a "Pray" checkbox on each of the daily pages. If you wanted to, you could use the space to make devotional notes quite easily, especially on the Minimal planners!

Each planner features four pieces of artwork from Too Wordy, yearly and monthly overview pages, and pockets in the inside covers.

Each day of the Original version includes a gratitude log, a water tracker, a checklist of tasks (including praying, exercising, and checking off your weekly focus), a to-do section, an appointments section, space to note birthdays, and an inspirational quote.

If you'd prefer a more flexible approach to your day, then the Minimal version maintains the same level of luxury, but the pages are pared back to simply include a to-do notes section and an appointments section along with a motivational quote and some open space perfect for a planner/bullet journal hybrid.

Although these are a higher price bracket than the daily planner pads, they're exceptionally comprehensive and work out at 13p a day for a year full of beautiful planning and lots of productivity. Find them in the Hello Day Planner shop here.

Ali Marriott Stationery Dotty Daily Planner Pad

Add a Splash of Joy to Your Desk with This Christian Daily Planner Pad

Every day we hustlin', whether we're a stay-at-home mum, a 9-5er, or a small business owner, and hustlin' leads to list-making! This is our "budget" option but although the price tag reads £7.95, the quality of this daily planner is outstanding. 

This dotty desk planner from Ali Marriott Stationery is a vibrant, joyful way to organise your day, and has been created using a candy-coloured palette that will brighten up those dark winter days. 

Each pad features space for your daily to-dos and your most important tasks along with your verse of the day and some space for any big ideas. Along the bottom of each A4 sheet is Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

Christian Lettering Company Glory Bible Journaling Starter Kit

A Bible Journaling Starter Kit to Get into Faith Journaling in 2018

Courtney and Maggie from Christian Lettering Company had an inspired moment the day they created these amazing Bible journaling starter kits! Available in two different colour themes, Glory (pictured) and Joyful, each kit comes with an A5 recycled kraft journal, a Bible journaling guide and suggested reading plan, 8 x Bible tabs, 5 x stickers, 4 x paperclip bookmarks, 2 x bookmarks, 2 x encouragement cards, and 1 x postcard along with two pencils. Phew! There's plenty in the set to help you create a faith journaling habit, and at only £14.50 for everything, it's a really inexpensive way to get started with Bible journaling.

Grace and Salt Ink Dori

Perhaps an Ink Dori or a Prayer Journal from Grace and Salt Ink?

Grace and Salt Ink is run by Rebecca, who is a super creative woman of God I have followed on Instagram for a few years now (I think I must have started following her shortly after Grace and Salt Ink launched in 2014!). In the past, I've bought her gold-embossed prayer journal and an early version of her Rise and Pray journal in the past, and really enjoyed using them. Her iconic InkDori's are a cult classic and you can fill them with beautiful, personalised notebooks to use as faith journals, bullet journals, or as a good old-fashioned diary. Rebecca has recently released the "Fear and Laughter" journal which is a workbook designed to help people find freedom from fear and anxiety through the Word of God. Although it's not a planner, it's perhaps a nice thing to work through each day!

Amy Tangerine Colourful Bullet Journal Layout

Get Inspiration from Amy Tangerine with the Classic Bullet Journal

If you're a stationery addict, you've probably come across bullet journaling. It's my preferred note-and-paper way to track things because it's so versatile! If you miss a day or three, or one day needs lots more space because you're busier than usual, it doesn't matter too much because you just use a regular notebook and keep going until it's full. One of my favourite inspirations for bullet journaling is Amy Tangerine (pictured) -- she has some great posts about it on her website, and also has a really cool YouTube channel full of creative inspiration and bullet journal flip-throughs. If you enjoy lettering and scrapbooking, it's definitely something to consider! I found it to be life-changingly helpful and a fun way to jot down notes, quotes, ideas, and memories. You can find out more about it here.

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