Free Bible Journaling Tip Ins Inspired by God's Love

Free Bible Journaling Tip Ins Inspired by God's Love

Print out these free Bible journaling tip ins and reflect on God's love for you

For today's crafty post, we've got some free Bible journaling tip-ins for you. Emma created these this week as we reflected on wedding season and of how it points us to the love of Jesus for His church, and we thought we'd pop them on the blog so you can download them, print them out, and reflect on the Living God's incredible love for us this week - whatever we have going on in our lives. 

Download your Bible journaling tip-ins here.

What is a Bible journaling tip-in? 

If you're new to Bible journaling, you might be wondering what on earth we're talking about! A tip-in is a separate page or piece of paper that you glue or washi-tape into your Bible to create extra space for devotional notes, art, or sermon reflections.

They're great if you prefer not to do artwork directly into your Bible, as you can use blank paper and stick it into your Bible near the relevant passage. They're also great if you've already done some Bible journaling art onto a page, but you need some extra space for notes on another verse!

We would usually recommend using printer paper, vellum, or acetate for tip-ins because there are so many pages in your Bible already that if you use heavy-weight paper, it can get a bit crowded near the spine. Smaller items like postcards, these printables, photos, or bookmarks also work well as tip-ins, and you can glue these to the top or outer edge of your Bible's page rather then gluing them into the spine.

Free Bible Journaling Tip In Printables

Gluing a tip-in into your journaling Bible

If you're adding a whole new page to your journaling Bible, gluing the page into the spine is a good way to add it into your Bible. For smaller tip-ins like the ones on this printable, you can use washi tape or a bit of glue. 

Be careful applying the glue (using a small paintbrush can be really helpful!), making sure you only get it on the very edge of the paper. Once you've put it into your Bible, let it dry before you close it.

You can also use washi tape to glue your tip-ins into your Bible. Make sure your washi tape is at least half-way onto your tip in, and then carefully slot the washi tape down towards the spine of your Bible - using a small, dry paintbrush for this can be very helpful!

Remember to tag us in your pictures if you upload anything to social media - we'd love to see what you get up to. Whether you're a newbie to Bible art journaling or you're a seasoned expert, be sure to check out the amazing Bible journaling supplies from our seller community.

With love in Jesus,

Menekse and Emma x