Faith & Business: What is a Christian Mindset in Business?

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What is a Jesus mindset in business?

One of the things I’ve had a lot of messages about as we've been promoting this is the idea of mindset in business - many of you are so excited to think about the idea of a Jesus mindset in business!

Mindset is something that is talked about so much in a secular context, and it’s something I’ve learned the importance of over the last number of years, both in my personal experience as well as observing and working with other business owners.

What is mindset?

The idea of “mindset” in business is the idea of your emotions and your personal experiences impacting your entrepreneurial journey.

You may also hear people talking about “fixed mindset” or “growth mindset” - where fixed is the idea that things cannot be changed, and growth mindset is understanding that anything can change. 

For example, if you face a difficult decision, a fixed mindset might say “This is impossible, I won’t be able to make a wise decision.” whereas a growth mindset might say “This is challenging, but I’ve been through challenging things before so let’s find a way to make this work.

The secular idea of mindset

In a secular business sense, mindset quotes are scattered liberally across Instagram. In the world of self help and personal development, we hear a lot of talk about “limiting beliefs” - things you believe because of past experiences with money, business, work, weight loss, success, that need to be overcome before you can truly experience “success”.

It’s that idea that you need to train your mind to think in a certain way in order to be successful in business, and resolve the things that hold you back.

Sounds good?

Well, yes and no - we do have so many things that hold us back in every area of life. A damaged relationship with money because of family experiences. Poor self esteem and confidence because of society’s projection of beauty and truth. A limited view of what’s possible because of things people have said to us or about us.

But the answer to that is not self-help, or personal development.

The way we overcome limiting beliefs and a limited mindset is only truly possible in one way: life with Jesus

When we live life with Jesus, His Spirit gives us a big vision for reality and truth.

When we live life in Jesus, we understand what material resources are for and how to use them.

When we live life in Jesus, we can feel confident in our purpose and calling.

When we live life in Jesus, our beliefs can be fixed on Him - the centre of all of life and existence.

On the days I have a great mindset, it’s because I’m closer to Jesus.

When I have the clearest vision for my business, it’s because of Jesus.

When I feel confident to step out, it’s because I have seen Jesus.

So mindset in business is vitally important. But not in the way the world tells you.

When we live life in jesus we can feel confident in our purpose and calling Menekse Stewart Quote at Cheerfully Given
The way we overcome a limited mindset is only truly possible in one way life with Jesus quote by Menekse Stewart at Cheerfully Given

The world has identified the problem, but they’re looking for the solution in all the wrong ways: internally, the universe, with “good vibes only”.

But we have the answer to this, and every other business problem you will face: Jesus

With love in Jesus,


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