Christian Valentine's Day Cards for 2021

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Whether you're going for funny or romantic, our Christian Valentine's Day cards are sure to be a hit!

How did the day of St Valentine become a celebration of romantic love?

There are different rumours that have travelled down the ages, including one about a guy called Valentine who used to secretly marry Christian couples in the 3rd century, despite the orders of emperor Claudius to the contrary. 

Another is of a fellow who was imprisoned for refusing to worship pagan gods, and who healed the sight of the jailer's daughter while he was in prison before being executed and leaving her a note signed "Your Valentine". An act certainly rooted in love, but not the soppy romantic kind. 

I'm no historian, but it's interesting that despite its current form, February 14 is primarily associated with Christian saints - whatever rumour you choose!

Valentine's Day today is heavily associated with dating, romantic love, the colour red, and being in a relationship - it's been turned into a "romantic" festival by western capitalism really!

BUT before you think I'm the Scrooge of Valentine - that's not the case. 

The feast of St Valentine is a "celebration of love and affection" - only one of the historical rumours involves romantic love (marrying Christian couples) but all of them involve martyrdom for the cross of Jesus. 

So by all means, let's celebrate Valentine's Day - but it's not about your bae (necessarily). It's a celebration of love - and in whom do we see love personified? Jesus! The Bridegroom, the One, the Lover of our souls.

This Valentine's Day, let's look to Jesus and think about ways we can demonstrate His love to the people around us - after all, that's what St Valentine would do.

Sure, send your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife a card (lots of the cards on here are perfect for that) - but think about someone you know who could use a reminder of the love of God, and send them a card too. Let them know they are loved deeply by the King of the universe, that their future is safe with Him, and that they can rest in the arms of the Bridegroom.

I Have Found the One My Soul Loves by Izzy and Pop

The verse from Song of Solomon 3:4 reads "I have found the one whom my soul loves." and has been beautifully hand-lettered by Liz from Izzy and Pop for this monochrome design

We use this verse a lot for our significant others, but it's firstly true of Jesus - He loves the church with His entirety, and He is the One our souls should love to be truly fulfilled.

I Have Found The One My Soul Loves Valentines Card
Things I Love Christian Valentines Card

Things I Love Valentine's Day Card by Frog and Gnome

This sweet design by Rob and Naomi at Frog and Gnome is a top contender for my personal Card of the Month - it's so lovely! Featuring a heart design, it's been made into a pie chart where loving Jesus is the biggest chunk followed by a cute second-place section for "you" (i.e. your loved one). 

Buy it here.

Love Never Fails Valentine's Card by Kiwi Tree Designs

This gorgeous card features a papercut design inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. It's handmade - so Karen from Kiwi Tree Design creates each one individually! The papercut is then adhered to a luxury kraft card, so it has a lovely texture and is perfect for sending someone a loving message. It's also great for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries!

Brown kraft card with white paper cut out heart with words Love never fails by Kiwi Tree Designs | Cheerfully Given
A Cord Of Three Strands Card

A Chord of Three Strands A6 Card by Becky Thorns Designs

This typographic Bible verse design is inspired by Ecclesiastes 4:12 in a muted colour palette of navy and pale pink with pops of orange. The verse is often used as a reminder of our unity with Christ. It's a beautiful verse, and a lovely card! 

Wherever You Go I Will Go Card
Your Navel Is Perfectly Formed Funny Christian Valentines Card

Your Navel is Perfectly Formed Funny Valentine's Day Card by Chassy Calligraphy

This one made me snort with laughter the first time I saw it - as many of you know, I'm a sucker for a biblical compliment! Hilary from Chassy Calligraphy has taken Song of Solomon 7:2 and made it into a hilariously funny Valentine's Day card for your boo.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Valentine's Day Card by Bow and Arrow UK

This 1 Corinthians 13 card is really popular for weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions that celebrate love through the year. Taking words from the famous passage in 1 Corinthians 13 (who is the epitome of all these things? Jesus!), Faith has created a monochrome typographic design that will look great on your mantelpiece all year round.

1 Corinthians 13 Valentines Card
I Have Loved You With An Everlasting Love Valentines Card

I Have Loved You with an Everlasting Love Card by Christian Lettering Company

This gorgeous card from Christian Lettering Company is the perfect reminder that the Living God loves us. Featuring the words from Jeremiah 31:3 - "I have loved you with an everlasting love" in modern calligraphy, the circular wreath design reminds us of the everlasting nature of God's love. 

You Have Ravished My Heart Valentine's Day Card by Chassy Calligraphy

Hilary from Chassy Calligraphy has penned the words of Song of Solomon 4:9 in modern calligraphy, creating the perfect card to express all those heartfelt emotions.

You Have Ravished My Heart Valentines Card
We Love Because He First Loved Us Card

We Love Because He First Loved Us by Alice and the Mustard Seed

Alice's iconic watercolour designs are wildly popular, and this beautiful design is no exception! Perfect for many occasions, the words from 1 John 4:19 are accompanied by a beautiful blue bicycle and some heart-shaped balloons.

Lots of Alice's designs are perfect for Valentine's Day, including a new card which is a mash-up of Lovehearts sweets and 1 Corinthians 13! 

Love Binds Everything Together Valentines Card
Set Me As A Seal On Your Heart Card

Set Me As a Seal on Your Heart Card by Becky Thorns Designs

Another beautiful typographic Bible verse card by Becky Thorns Designs, this A6 card features the words of Song of Solomon 8:6-7 which reads "Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm."

Above All Love Each Other Deeply Punny Valentine's Card by Frog and Gnome

Otters miiiiiight be the cutest of all the wildlife, with many-a viral video in honour of their sweet natures. Rob and Naomi from Frog and Gnome have created this gorgeous monochrome card inspired by linocut design, featuring an otter-inspired version of 1 Peter 4:8 (perfect for those pun-loving pals!) - above all, love each otter deeply!

Above All Love Each Other Deeply Card
Your Teeth Are Like A Flock Of Sheep Valentines Card

Your Teeth Are Like a Flock of Sheep Valentine's Card by Chassy Calligraphy

Are you ready for the mega lolz? Another Biblical compliment card, this time with added commentary! Hilary has taken Song of Solomon 4:2, which reads "Your teeth are as white as sheep, recently shorn and freshly washed." with the note that the "freshly washed" bit is important 'cause your loved one's breath isn't that bad!

Who do you love enough to tell them that their smile is like a flock of naked sheep?

Your Love Delights Me Christian Valentine's Day Card by Chassy Calligraphy

A more classic Christian Valentine's Day card, this design (also by Hilary at Chassy Calligraphy) features the words "Your love delights me" taken from Song of Solomon 4:10. It's also great for giving as an anniversary card!

Your Love Delights Me Valentines Card
Where You Go I Will Go Valentines Card

Where You Go I Will Go Valentine's Day Card by Alice and the Mustard Seed

This version of Alice's iconic bicycle artwork has the beautiful text from Ruth 1:16 and the wording "Wherever you go, I will go, and wherever you stay, I will stay." This is a particularly meaningful one for you fellow ministry families out there!

We Love Because He First Loved Us Valentine's Card by Izzy and Pop

Liz's stunning brush lettering is the main event on this monochrome Valentine's Day card by Izzy and Pop. Featuring one of my favourite verses, 1 John 4:19, it reads "We love because He first loved us." 

This card would look gorgeous framed on your wall after the event, too!

We Love Because He Loved Us Valentines Card
My Beloved Is Mine Valentines Card

My Beloved Is Mine and I Am His Christian Valentine's Card by Christian Lettering Company

And last, but certainly not least, we have this beautiful Valentine's Day card by Christian Lettering Company

This budget-friendly version is only £3, and is an affordable alternative to hot foil printing. It features the words of Song of Solomon 2:16, which read "My Beloved is mine, and I am His." and would be a great reminder to your friends - Jesus is our Beloved, our Brother, our Friend, and our King - and He is ours, and we are His.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

[Editor: all links and prices were updated in January 2021 to make sure everything is still available]