Christian Christmas Gift Guide: Cards

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Merry and bright... Christian Christmas cards full of sparkle.

Confession: we don't have the most traditional of Christmas cards (although we snuck in a few) BUT we do have an extensive collection of elegantly bright, stunningly cheery, and festively merry (adjective overload?!) Christian Christmas cards.

We've gathered our favourites into a nice tidy post for you to peruse in the few minutes you have whilst standing in the checkout to buy your mince pies and stollen...

Gold Foil Christmas Cards ✷ Doodling Faith ✷ £6

The incredible promises Jesus fulfilled are celebrated in these elegant Scripture Christmas cards from Doodling Faith. We love the traditional foliage surrounding the incredible words: God with us or Light of the world. What beautiful reminders of how Jesus came to bring God's Light into the world!

Each pack contains 6 cards, 2 of each design.

Doodling Faith Christian Christmas Cards on table | Cheerfully Given
Create Friday simple Christian Christmas cards on Navy Background | Cheerfully Given

Carol Christmas Cards ✷ Create FRIDAY ✷ £6

Officially the season of carols, these contemporary, hand lettered Christmas cards add fresh appeal to well-known lyrics. Brilliant modern Christian Christmas cards that will stand out on crowded mantelpieces and walls, declaring the bold truths of Christmas.

A set contains 3 cards, 1 of each design.

Carol Cut Out Style Cards ✷ Frog and Gnome ✷ £4.00

Simple and effective, these cut out style Christmas cards offer an alternative to traditional gaudy designs when sending your Christmas greetings. The super cute minimalist designs are each inspired by a different carol - how cool is that?!

One of each design is included in a set (making 6 cards in total).

Carol Cut Out Style Christian Christmas Cards UK
Chassy Calligraphy Emmanuel Christian Christmas Cards UK | Cheerfully Given

Emmanuel Greetings Card ✷ Chassy Calligraphy ✷ £2.50

Emmanuel - God with us. The words spoken millennia ago by the prophets and fulfilled in Jesus are still a powerful reassurance. The delicate watercolour details framing those ancient words make these modern calligraphy cards perfect for sending during Christmas 2019.

Available individually or in sets of 3, 5 or 10.

Red Glitter Papercut Christmas Card ✷ Bow and Arrow UK ✷ £3.50

Red and must be Christmas! For the sparkle lovers, Bow and Arrow UK have these striking papercut Christmas cards all ready to go and dazzle their way into homes with your Christmas greetings.

There are 3 designs, available individually or as a set of 3.

Bow and Arrow UK Christian Christmas Cards UK | Cheerfully Given
The Mustard Seed Press Christian Christmas Cards with Letterpressed words | Cheerfully Given

Glory to God Letterpress Card ✷ The Mustard Seed Press ✷ £3.25

Nothing declares luxury quite as much as a textured card, something these Scripture letterpress cards lavishly embrace with the traditional printing style creating an impression in the card. That's before we even mention the fact these cards are eco-friendly and they were made on a 110 year old printer!

Grab a single card or as a pack of 2.

Merry & Bright Christmas Cards ✷ Izzy & Pop ✷ £12.99

Contemporary, bright, fun - these Christmas cards from Izzy & Pop are perfect for sending to friends and family this Christmas with all your news from 2019. Featuring four different designs, these bright Christmas cards celebrate some of the nation's favourite carols in a classy and elegant manner.

Comes as a pack of 8 - 2 of each design.

Izzy and Pop Merry and Bright Christian Christmas Cards UK | Cheerfully Given
Laura Sayers Nativity Card Christian Christmas Cards UK | Cheerfully Given

Nativity Play Christmas Card ✷ Laura Sayers Illustration ✷ £2.50

The school nativity play, that staple of Christmas. In fact, is it even Christmas before a 'lamb' has eaten the straw, a 'wise man' refused to hand over his gift, or an 'angel' whacked Mary in the face with her wings? All feature beautifully in this sweet nativity Christmas card that is sure to spark memories and smiles when sent this Christmas.

Comes as an individual card or a pack of 5.

Papercut Nativity Christmas Cards ✷ Birch and Tides ✷ £12.00

These papercut Christmas cards deserve to be framed, they're that exquisite (and you could totally do that as some original Christmas art). Or, you could send them in the post this Christmas and cheer up your friends and family with the glad message of Christmas displayed in a unique and timeless way.

Available as a set of 4 cards.

Birch and Tides Cutout White Card Christian Christmas Cards on teal card background | Cheerfully Given
Forget Me Not Boxing Day Walk Christian Christmas Cards UK | Cheerfully Given

Boxing Day Walk Cards ✷ Forget-Me-Not Christian Cards ✷ £2.50

Pretty and nostalgic, these more traditional Christmas cards are great to send to family as reminders of the lovely walks staggered out on to on Boxing Day - but also to bless them with Romans 15:13 to take into 2020.

Come as a set of 5.

Bright Christmas Carols Cards ✷ Laurent Collective ✷ £8.00

Bright and full of joy, these hand lettered Christmas carol lyric cards are a great addition to your Christmas card stash. In a world that hungers for hope, why not send these Christmas cards as a reminder of the True Hope of Christmas and, indeed, life?

Buy as a pack of 3 or 12.

Laurent Collective Christian Christmas Cards UK Cheerfully Given
Hope Christian Christmas Card by Frog and Gnome at Cheerfully Given

Christmas Wreath Cards ✷ Leah and Libby ✷ £8.00

These rustic, almost Scandinavian art, wreath cards, each centred around a powerful word describing what Christmas is truly about, make a great Christmas card to fill with your 2019 news.

Comes as a pack of 4.

Leah and Libby Christian Christmas Cards UK Cheerfully Given
Glory to the Newborn King Christian Christmas Card with florals by CasaMia Designs at Cheerfully Given

Glory to the Newborn King Card ✷ CasaMia Designs ✷ £2.50

The angels sang it in joy, the shepherds heard it in awe, and now you can send those timeless words, beautifully decorated, this Christmas with these watercolour Christmas cards.

Available as 1, 4 or 8 cards in a pack.

Starry Christmas Cards ✷ Nova Grace ✷ £5.00

Stars play such a big role in the Christmas story and are centre stage of these gorgeous Scripture Christmas cards. Stunning night sky depictions form the background for the thrilling words of loved Christmas carols. Why not buy a couple of sets to send to friends this Christmas?

Each set contains all 4 designs.

Watercoloured Christian Christmas Cards by Nova Grace at Cheerfully Given
Joy and Peace Traditional Christmas Cards by Treasured Creativity at Cheerfully Given

Joy and Peace Christmas Cards ✷ Treasured Creativity ✷ £9.00

Simple and punchy, send joy and peace this year with these holly and mistletoe rustic Christmas cards, a more traditional offering than some of our other Christmas cards.

1 pack contains 8 cards.

For Unto Us Christmas Cards ✷ Kiwi Tree Designs ✷ £8.00

These simple Bible verse Christmas cards are striking in their simplicity. Because they are in only one colour, the beautiful border and powerful words really stand out and make them a great Christmas card to post this year.

Each set contains 6 cards, 3 of each design.

Papercut out in Red and Green Christian Christmas Cards by Kiwi Tree Designs at Cheerfully Given
Green and Red Wreath Bible Verse Christmas Cards by Roleymole Designs at Cheerfully Given

Scripture Wreath Christmas Cards ✷ Roleymole Designs ✷ £6.00

Using slightly different Bible verses to normal, these Gospel wreath Christmas cards are great for getting people thinking about Who the Baby at the centre of Christmas really is - and all in a tasteful and artistic way. That's a winner for us.

Available as a set of 4.

O Holy Night Card ✷ Hullo Creative ✷ £1.25

That beautiful old Christmas carol reminding us of 'the night that Christ was born' is updated in a modern and simple watercolour Christmas card (we're loving the starry night sky used as the background).

Get it on its own, as a set of 5 identical cards, or part of an assorted pack of 12 cards.

Blue Watercolour Circle featuring O Holy Night by Hullo Creative at Cheerfully Given
Flowers Fade Design Christian Christmas Cards with Red Cutout designs at Cheerfully Given

No Room At The Inn Christmas Cards ✷ Flowers Fade Design ✷ £7.50

A fun and contemporary papercut design makes this bright red Christmas card really stand out from the crowd. Taken from an original design, these cards are a great piece of art showcasing the Christmas Story.

Comes as a pack of 8.

Burgundy with gold print Christian Christmas Card by Becky Thorn Designs at Cheerfully Given
Doodling Faith Christian Christmas Cards on table | Cheerfully Given

Glory To The Newborn King Card ✷ Becky Thorns Designs ✷ £4.00

A firm favourite, the carol Hark the Herald Angels Sing is beautifully printed on this burgundy (could the colour be more gorgeous?!) carol Christmas card. A fantastic statement to send to friends and family, declaring your intent to 'celebrate the Reason for the season', and inviting them to praise the Baby who is the King of Kings.

To end, Confession 2: we're feeling super guilty about all the other amazing Cheerfully Given Christmas cards we couldn't feature (we're assuming you'd like to finish reading the post before Christmas...).

To ease our guilt, here's a link to all the other lovely cards available on the website.