Turn my ashes into beauty. Original textile art piece. Isaiah 61 3

by Teeny White Daisy


"Turn my ashes into beauty. You have made me, I am found in you". An original textile art piece based on Isaiah 61 3

Product description

This art piece depicts how  God sees us as precious, a thing of beauty, whereas often we see ourselves as our worst points and our failures. God asks us to hand to Him our ashes and He will give us His hope, His beauty in  return. 

This collage features an applique daisy sewn onto a square of fabric with the word "Precious". The square has been finished with vintage lace and buttons and has been sewn  onto  felt for greater depth. The daisy collage is mounted onto neutral frayed linen which has been embellished with fabric, tiny hand embroidered silver flowers and beads. The whole composition is finished with a piece of vintage lace in the form of a flower, to which a [pearl bead has been added. The words "Turn my shes into beauty. You have made me. I am found in you" from the song 'Found in You' have been hand written under the textile piece.

The textile collage is mounted onto board and comes framed in a 16 x 16 cm white box frame.

Sent in protective box.

Meet the Maker

Teeny White Daisy

Textile based art and accessories made to express the character and promises of God.

After a number of years working in the fields of Educational Psychology and Special Education, a number of events  including a life changing illness, conspired to send me back to my first love: designing and creating.

I now have the wonderful privilege of spending my daytime surrounded by an ever growing fabric mountain and yarn stash in my little studio near to Maastricht. Here I can be found making one of a kind embroidered textile collage pieces which incorporate vintage fabric , lace and photographs together with book pages, modern fabrics and embroidery.  All of my pieces stem from my relationship with God and are inspired by one of His characteristics, a promise to stand on or sometimes a line from a worship song. Sometimes the pieces are inspired by the words and sometimes the words are inspired by the piece!

My heart is that my art pieces are the starting place for people to encounter God on a deeper level, to be reminded daily of His promises or a starting point for conversations about faith. There is such a huge amount of myself in each of my pieces that I am always so very thrilled when others want to display my art in their homes!

*please bear in mind that my products are shipped from The Netherlands and may take a little bit longer to arrive at your home*

Head shot of Maxine Geurts of Teeny White Daisy | Cheerfully Given

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