Truth Magazine with Natalie Manuel Lee

by Rebel Hearts Rebel Girls

Truth magazine is for young women and will uplift and encourage you to be the woman God says you are. Know and walk in your purpose and destiny.


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Behind truth is a passion to see young women, whether you are at university, in school or at work, lifted up, encouraged the socks off, known, cheered on and inspired to live life differently.

Let us introduce the first anniversary issue to you. TV Host Natalie Manuel Lee is on our cover and shares so much lived wisdom .

We haven’t yet got a cooking column, but in this issue we have an interview with Lucy White from Luminary Bakery in which she talks about the impact of Proverbs 31 on her working life and how it’s okay to be ambitious.

For the song writers, writers and would-be writers, we’ve got a beautiful piece from Caz Talbot about the heart behind songwriting. And even if you’ve never written anything ever before, Caz will encourage you to do it anyway. I can’t wait to hear the songs that are going to be written as a result!

Talking about the heart. A beautiful prayer for this season is written (and illustrated) by the wonderful Corina Straub. It’s so powerful and relevant for now.

Have you ever stopped to think about the clothes you buy and why? Anneka Wallington is going to help you to articulate the values you want as the foundation of your purchasing decisions.

In this issue we include a piece by Dr Katharine Hayhoe, a scientist who is on a mission to change the way we think about climate change. It’s a challenging read, but one that I believe gives us hope that we can make a difference.

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