The Reverse Advent Calendar

by Perry-May

God loves a cheerful giver! Do something different this Advent! Give instead of Get!


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Do something different this year during advent... instead of 'getting' something each day in your advent calendar, use the opportunity to collect things you can give away. It involves partnering with a local charity or food bank, finding a nice big box and every day adding something to the box to give away before Christmas day. You will need to find out when the last day is that they can be distributed and try to fill the box even if it doesn't quite match the days on the calendar!We hope it brings you and someone you may not know yet great joy!

Try to support a charity local to you or see if your church is doing something, there may be a Christmas meal you could prepare your box for.

It is also available as a download or in small bulk orders to give out to kids at school and church go to my website to find this:

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