The "Cuddly Lovers" Paper cut - 1 Corinthians 13

by MLK & HNY


This beautiful and bespoke, original paper cut has been created by artists and cutters at Milk and Honey. This papercut has been contoured to display 2 bears walking hand in hand affectionately with the above words "Love is Patient, Love is Kind. It always Protects, Love Never Fails.

Product description

- Crafted in London, UK.

- Original Cutesy Artistic Design

- Made with Love & Faith

Milk and Honey make delicate papercuts - intricately designed and cut. 

Our paper cuts make perfect Anniversary, Wedding or Birthday gift. 

Crafted with care and faith, cheerfully given as unique gifts.

Paper cut comes in a 30 x 40 cm Mount

Requires a 30 x 40  or Picture Frame

Meet the Maker