"The Blessing" Round Gated Cottage - The Pip House

by The Pip House


Reclaimed wood art with hand stamped wording from Numbers 6:24-25

Product description

Reclaimed wood art with hand stamped wording from Numbers 6:24-25

A little wooden cottage sitting in a floral garden with rusty nail trees and a rusty swing.  A pearly blue gate stands proud at the entrance to this little property, made from a gorgeous  buckle from a vintage dress belt.  The beautiful block of wood is part of an off-cut recovered from a recent house renovation.

This one off shelf sitter serves as a daily reminder of God's goodness.

Measures approx. 12x10x20cm.

Meet the Maker

The Pip House

Handmade original reclaimed wood art by mixed media artist Pippa Fitzgerald. The Pip House explores and celebrates all that makes a house a home. This series features Christian inspired lyrics and bible verses.

Through her art,  Pippa explores themes  of Home, childhood memories, the changing seasons, and a love of old houses.  

Originally gaining an Art Foundation at The Berkshire College of Art and Design, Pippa went on to graduate from Derby University with Fashion Studies BA(Hons).  Always having had a desire to help others through creativity, Pippa was initially involved in the fair trade side of fashion.   She changed course  and settled into running creative social enterprises in the mental health arena.  Taking redundancy over a decade later, Pippa saw the opportunity to develop as a full time artist, and now enjoys making and creating in between the school runs!  

Pippa's desire and motivation is to use her artwork to offer an opportunity for reflection of the past, to inspire and bring joy into the present, and make a connection on a deeper level.

Welcome to The Pip House!

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