Sweetheart Pottery

Hand crafted pottery gifts inspired by God's truth, designed to encourage and strengthen hearts!

As a young dentist inspired by the words of Psalm 90:17 I prayed 'let the favour of the Lord my God be upon me, and establish the work of my hands'.  I believe Sweetheart Pottery was an unexpected answer to that prayer! I began to work with clay in 2009 and was almost 9 months pregnant with my second daughter Sarah.  I have always loved creating things and feel close to God when I'm making.  I usually listen to audiobooks, worship music and bible teaching as I make. I also believe in creative therapy. I now work as a Counsellor and love using creative therapeutic techniques.

Most of my pottery pieces can be personalised.  I make both functional pottery and decorative, large and small.  I believe the visual is so important as it links ideas to thoughts and memories - for me wearing the words 'be still' on a necklace helps me to just breathe and wait on God, to make space for his peace.  Seeing the words 'He is my refuge and strength' printed beside a little lighthouse helps me to feel safe.  So I believe creative expressions of truth can be very powerful and can indeed encourage and strengthen weary hearts!

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