Statement Beaded Evening Bracelet - Ice, Like Crumbs - Psalm 147:17

by Fair Bloom


A chunky statement bracelet reminding us of God's awesome power.

Ships from - United Kingdom

Product description

Psalm 147:17 “He hurls down His crystals of ice like crumbs; who can stand before His cold?” 

God possesses immense power far beyond our imagination can grasp - to Him, ice shards are but mere crumbs, specks that can easily be brushed away. What an image to behold! How small we are in comparison to all that God is and possesses. This bracelet reminds us of how little we are, how mighty God is; and in response, how much we need Him. 

Length of bracelet: Customisable 

Petite - 7”

Average - 7.5 ” 

Large - 8” 

Please indicate at the check-out! 

Made of Toho glass cube beads, Czech Rizo beads, Miyuki magatama beads and an antique silver magnetic clasp.

A pair of matching earrings is also available (as seen in the photographs). Please separate listing in the shop.


This piece of jewellery is hand-wrapped in its own pretty gift box and ribbon (see pictures) and ready to be shipped within 1- 3 working days.

Comes gift-wrapped and ready to be gifted!

Each piece of jewellery is made to withstand regular wear and I test them during a regular day out. Nevertheless, please take care when handling and storing them as they are still delicate creations. 


Ships from - United Kingdom

  • £1.50 - UK
  • £4.00 - International

Meet the Maker

Fair Bloom

"Honour her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate." Proverbs 31:31

Fair bloom represents the vision of all women knowing their true beauty and worth. It is the desire for women to recognise that who they are is wonderfully acceptable, uniquely theirs and definitely, definitely enough; there is no need to be more of this or less of that. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. God knit us together in our mother's womb and knew us even before we were born. He does not make mistakes. We are beautiful because we are His. 

The word ‘beautiful’ seems to have lost the rich offering it carries. The suffix -ful tagged on at the end of a word is often overlooked. But what if we broke the word down?

Wonderful = full of wonder

Joyful = full of joy

Beautiful = full of beauty

Standing alone, -ful becomes ‘full’ and returns the significance to the word.

Full = containing as much as possible, having no empty space; not lacking anything, complete.

The journey of Fair Bloom is about understanding how full of beauty you are; utterly enough and completely acceptable. It is about learning to really see who we are and believing what we see in such a way that we are free to be who we are; forgiven, redeemed and loved. And I believe that all this stems from knowing Whose we are.

Every woman is, without shame, a fair, beautiful bloom. 

Let us as their loved one, celebrate and affirm who she is.

Celebrating you,


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