Set of 3 Paper Cut Psalms Prints

by Laura Sayers Illustration


Three A5 digital prints featuring intricate paper cut designs based on three Psalms, 23, 46 and 139, printed onto textured gesso 300gsm card.

Product description

These three prints illustrate a relationship with God through David's Psalms. Deep peace in times of worry is what inspires the image of a calm soul pictured in the Psalm 46 print, while knowing God's comfort in solitude and feeling secure in his creation is what brought about the Psalm 23 illustration. Psalm 139 completes the set with an image that celebrates God's image that we see in ourselves. They're perfect to give as a thoughtful gift or to decorate the walls of your own home. The original paper pieces were cut to size with scissors, so each and every petal is made and laid with a lot skill and patience, and then digitally enhanced and printed as these high quality A5 prints. 

The prints will be packaged by myself, and will take 2-4 buisness days to arrive in the UK. With space on the back to write a message, they're ideal as a gift by itself, or they also work really well hanging in Nukuku style gold frames. Prints are also available individually.  

Meet the Maker

Laura Sayers Illustration

Finely designed cards and prints, featuring highly detailed paper cut illustrations.

Laura is a freelance illustrator and paper artist newly based in North London.

Despite not being a particularly neat person herself, her work prides itself on its attention to detail, using clean shapes and bright colours to create miniature characters and scenes all from lots of layers of coloured paper. These pieces are finished with tiny painted details and digital elements, which are then photographed and printed to a high standard.

After carefully photographing and editing the paper pieces digitally, the designs are professionally printed onto quality card, and packaged up ready for you to display in your home or send to your loved ones. 

Laura's Christian faith is the drive behind her work, using our creator's attention to detail as her main source of inspiration. Her method of paper cutting takes a lot of patience which is attributed God, and her bright pieces reflect all that is good in His creation.

Laura Sayers Illustration sitting at desk at Cheerfully Given

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