Set of 3 mini signs and wooden blocks


by Little Stag Signs


Set of two signs and one block, personalise your set however you'd like! *Free UK Shipping

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Product description

Set of 3 mini signs and wooden blocks!

These mini signs fit perfectly on a farmhouse style tiered tray, mantle piece, shelf, coffee table or desk. They also make perfect gifts for Mothers Day! You can personalise the Date sign, choose a special day, like a wedding anniversary or first date. Mix and match the styles or words however you'd like!

*This listing is for a set of two longer mini signs and one wooden block. For individual listings of the mini signs or wood blocks please see alternate listings.



Step 1. Choose between 3 COLOURS:
- White with Navy
- Stained wood with white
- Grey with white
**For a mix of designs and colours in one order, please leave your preferences in the personalisation box.

Step 2. Choose your wood BLOCK:
- Heart 
- '&' Ampersand 

Step 3. Choose your TWO mini signs:
There are 7 designs to choose from (listed below) In the personalisation box please write the TWO mini signs you would like to go with your block. 
1. Personalised Date
2. Love
3. Hugs
4. Kisses
5. Peace
6. Grace
7. Hope
**If you have ordered the personalised date, please put the date you'd like on your sign in the personalisation box. 

Approx. dimensions: mini signs 10cm x 5cm, wood blocks 5cm x 5cm 
(Sizes are not exact and may vary. All signs are made from wood and handmade, so each piece may vary slightly.) 


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