Rock Badger

Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary use stationery.

Rock Badger: Start a Conversation

We sell greeting cards, stationery, and gifts that have been inspired by the words of scripture, the wisdom of the saints, and the needs of the contemporary christian community. 

At Rock Badger our motto is 'start a conversation' as we hope our products will aid you in reaching out to friends and family with words of encouragement and love, or open up an opportunity for dialogue and discussion with those waiting to find out about your faith journey. 

Rock Badger was started in 2016 by Eleanor, who does the design work, and Matt who helps with the business side of things because he really likes spreadsheets. We live in Brighton with our Frozen loving daughter and almost walking son, and can't wait to see what happens with this little idea. Matt originally wanted to import Manuka honey from New Zealand but Eleanor suggested that a greeting card company might take up less space. 

Eleanor also works as a freelance graphic designer, mainly for Arundel and Brighton diocese, but if you ask really nicely she might write a musical or choreograph a flashmob for you.  She is very excited about the musical 'Hamilton' coming to the West End and knows all the words. 

And Rock can find them in the Holy Land, and in some translations of Leviticus you are not allowed to eat them. They have featured in a revue sketch and a musical about the life of Saint Benedict that Eleanor once wrote. We just like the name. 

Find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - @rockbadgershop - We can't wait to meet you!