Rainbow Suncatcher

by Orchard Art Glass


Mini Rainbow Hanging Glass Suncatcher

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Product description

Rainbows have enjoyed a really popular moment in 2020 being used a symbol of hope and a way to honour the men and women who have served this country so faithfully. 

I have often considered the role of the rainbow in the story of Noah, which God used to signal a covenant promise, the end of one season and the beginning of a new one. My rainbows were created towards the end of the 2020 lockdown and they really spoke to me about the hope we can feel as we leave behind one season and step into something new.

This sweet, little glass suncatcher with a full 7 colour rainbow is made from the colourful scraps of glass that build up in my studio. Somehow these pieces feel more precious because they are made from the leftovers.

Each one is completely unique as I will use any shade of glass that happens to be in the scrap drawers. Some of them have a more pastel hue and others are very bold and bright. Some of them include pieces of shiny, iridised glass which add a really special element! If you would like to choose your exact rainbow just leave a note and I'll happily email you a photo of my current stock. They measure 3 x 6 cm + a hanging loop and rustic twine hanging thread. The sections of glass are wonderfully tactile to touch and all slightly irregular in size. 

I can send these directly as a gift and have a few gift card options. My "Beauty from broken pieces" card can have a gift message printed on the back or I can print a gift message on a blank card.

I have also teamed up with Ellen from Faith in Fabric to bring you a little "Rainbow Bundle" which includes a suncatcher and an A6 postcard with Ellen's beautiful rainbow collage print. These are a beautiful piece of art in their own right and would make a fantastic framed mini print.

Meet the Maker

Orchard Art Glass

Fused Glass Gifts designed to encourage and inspire!

Hi, I'm Amy, designer and maker at Orchard Art Glass.

I love to create fun and colourful glass pieces in my garden studio in Somerset. On my page you will find a variety of suncatchers, candle holders, ornaments and keepsake cards. Most of my pieces begin with a word, song or verse that sparks an idea for a piece. My hope is that these visual reminders will be an encouragement to you or provide a unique gift for you to bless someone with.

Glass is a beautiful medium in it's own right before I even begin the making process. It speaks to me often about our experience as created beings. God made us and said we were good and beautiful because we are His creation. We live in a fallen world and this causes us to become broken. It is through relationship with our Maker that we are formed, refined and ultimately made beautiful. God often takes the most broken and painful pieces of our lives and works a marvellously beautiful outcome.

In working with glass I see so many parallels as it is broken, crushed, ground, shaped and sifted before being fired at temperatures of up to 800 degrees. This forming and refining process creates a beautiful, shiny, smooth and unique piece. 

My prayer is that my pieces will go into homes as a gentle and joyful reminder of the hope we have in relationship with a loving God.

Family photo of Orchard Glass Art at Cheerfully Given

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