Psalm 23 Sheep Card

by Elfinart

Card featuring a free motion embroidery lamb based on verses 1-3 of psalm 23. A reminder to to trust God and learn to rest in his presence.


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This card measures 15 × 15cms and features a free motion embroidered lamb (including fabric paint for the head and feet.) Around the outside of the card psalm 23 verse 1-3 have been hand written.

I love sheep and lambs and they have taught me a few good lessons! They remind me to take time to rest and trust God. Sometimes we can be soo busy rushing about with work and life that God may have to remind us to ‘lie down’ (or physically make us lie down!) Sheep will not lie down if they are worried - about food or danger, but when they know they are looked after by the shepherd, they can fully rest and enjoy his provision. I think we could all do with rest like that!

This card is presented in a cellophane wrapper with an envelope, but could also be turned into a picture or used as a bookmark.

Meet the Maker


Contemporary mixed media paintings and textile art which incorporate painting, mono printing, hand painted fabrics, hand stitching and free motion embroidery

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