Precious Gift on Board - Car Window Sticker, Psalm 127:3, Static Cling

by Sarah Bennett Studio


Static-Cling car sticker designed for parents to have on the back window of their car

Ships from - United Kingdom

Product description

This car sticker was inspired by a member of my small group who was upset at a baby on board car sticker that she had seen on the way to group one morning.

This car sticker was designed in response and taken from Psalm 127:3

The text 'Precious Gift of God on Board' is printed onto a static cling car sticker. This sticker when peeled back will leave no residue and you will be able to move it from car to car if you change cars.

When applying the sticker to the glass, make sure you clean the window area beforehand, so it is free from dirt and grease which may stop it sticking to your window.

I have had one on my car for well over a year now (see picture) and it has not fallen off

Please only use this sticker on a non tinted window. It won't be seen otherwise.


Ships from - United Kingdom

  • £1.00 - UK

Meet the Maker

Sarah Bennett Studio

Fun and Friendly Products to Inspire and Encourage

Sarah Bennett Studio is a design studio run from a terraced house in North London. I ( Sarah) am the designer/illustrator, as well as a mum of 2 girls and wife to Steve, who runs the business with me.

I graduated with a  degree in Graphic design, back in 2006. I tried various career paths- mainly working in schools, as well doing bits of freelance design work.  But I had a deep longing in my heart to create for something greater than me- a sense that I was made for more.

Last year I was made redundant from my job as a Technician in a secondary school and it was  as though God was saying ‘It’s your time’, so I business was born.

Sarah Bennett Studio produces  fun and friendly products- that  are encouraging and inspirational.  We put our colourful designs on an array of products including: bags, t-shirts, mugs, greetings cards, postcards and more. 

I'm really inspired by  the concept of Random Acts of Kindness and so I design products that people can use themselves and bless others with- a planned gift  for a friend or a completely random one  for a stranger who looks sad. I’m a big fan of guerilla kindness- incognito gift giving- a more generous form of knock and run.

There’s also an evangelistic side to my work. I’m naturally introverted and so talking to strangers can be daunting to me, so having a item of clothing or accessory with a Bible verse on- can be a real conversation starter. 
There are so many people out there, who are struggling with various issues. People who need encouragement, people who need  hope, people who  need to be told  that Jesus loves them. I pray that my designs will be part of spreading our message of hope and joy to these people.

My greatest desire is for my work to impact people in this way. I do need to make a living from my business but ultimately I want God to change people’s lives through it.

If you looking for a bespoke piece of design and you like my style, feel free to get in touch.

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