Prayer Box

by Hello Firefly


Did you know that God wants to be your friend and is really interested in everything about you? We can chat to Him wherever and whenever, about whatever we like! Explore more about this with your 3-7 year old using this fun, design-led, creative A5 box.

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Product description

This beautiful, unique and creative box gives you the opportunity to explore the theme of Prayer with your 3-7 year old in 4 ways; through craft, gifts, bible explore sheets and ideas for shining brightly for God. 

Everything needed to engage with the theme is in the box, making this perfect for parents with busy lives who long to find ways to explore the Christian faith with their children. 

This box would make a wonderful gift for any important child in your life who you would like to encourage to grow in their faith.

Included in the box:

-2 theme related craft activities with design-led, clear visual instructions. This box provides everything your child needs to make a pot of prayers and prayer shooters

-1 A6 Hello Firefly notebook

-Explore sheets with clear bible notes on the theme

-3 ideas of how to Shine Brightly for God

-Dispatch 1-3 days


Ships from - United Kingdom

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Meet the Maker

Hello Firefly

Children’s Christian devotional boxes for 3-7 year olds including crafts, faith inspired gifts and bible study explore sheets

Passionate about helping little people hang out with, learn about, and shine brightly for God. 

Hello! We are Ellie and Jane; friends with a shared passion to create resources that inspire children and their families to hang out with God. Hello Firefly provides interactive and devotional Christian craft and faith inspired gift boxes for 3-7 year olds to help them to explore the Christian faith. 

We are both mums with children ranging between 3-9. We love being creative, hanging out at the beach, camping and adventuring through life! We were excited to create something that allowed busy families to sit down with everything they needed (from bible explore sheets to sequins) to engage with God in a fun and unique way. Inspired by Deuteronomy 11:18-21 our boxes are based on different themes and characteristics of God, and our crafts and gifts are linked in to the theme to enable children to really cement their learning. 

We’re having so much fun on this adventure...please join us as we develop our little community of fireflies, shining brightly for God all over the world! 

Love Ellie and Jane x

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