PRAISE: a two month guided bible study.

by TheHope&GraceDesignCo.

An exploration of biblical praise based on Psalm 47 and 1 Peter 2:4-10.


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An exploration of biblical praise based on Psalm 47 and 1 Peter 2:3-10.

Join us in prayerfully exploring the theme of PRAISE throughout portions of Scripture during our second term of the Ponder Project 2021 with this guided bible study which can be downloaded and enjoyed in whatever way suits you best!

This Praise Ponder Pack is part of The Ponder Project, a year long project from Hope&Grace designed to help us pursue constant communion and conversation with God - even in the midst of our everyday mess!

What will you find in your Ponder Pack?
- One cover letter, welcoming you to the Ponder Project
- 8 weekly Ponder Prompts
- 2 hand lettered scripture prints
- 2 verse pages
- 3 extra resources to help you dig deeper in your relationship with God

21 pages of goodness to help us dig in to scripture in a new way this spring!

All printable, all usable digitally, all for you to enjoy in whatever way suits you!

Have a read of the heart behind The Ponder Project below...

  • You know that reading the Bible sometimes isn’t at the top of your to do list...or sometimes doesn’t feature at all.

  • You know you ‘need’ to read your Bible and yet the day feels like it’s slipping away as the hours run into each other; and before you know it, you’re on the sofa, watching Netflix and completely exhausted. And by the way - we love Netflix too.

  • You see people on Instagram reading the Bible and hearing from God as clearly as if they were having a chat with a friend, and you want that too. You want to understand what you’re reading clearly, not just skim over the words. You want to know what God is saying to you right here, right now and know how His Word matters to your everyday life.

  • Maybe you’ve never picked up a Bible before and you have no idea where to even start. Simply picking up the book and opening the cover is a battle and there are just so many words - it’s more than a little intimidating.

Enter: The Ponder Project.

The heart of The Ponder Project is to be a valuable resource that allows every single person to explore the Bible in their own way, in their own time.

It’s designed to fit into anyone’s schedule (yes, even yours!) and was created to encourage us that God is longing to meet with us in the middle of our busy. Right here, right now - The Ponder Project helps us to just take a moment to notice His gentle whisper.

The Ponder Project is all about leaning into God’s voice and deepening our knowledge of Him by inviting Him to the middle of our everyday lives. With short guided Bible explorations which will leave you lots to ponder on as you live your life, and prints that help us break down what we are reading and can be placed around our home to prompt us to ponder God’s word, The Ponder Project is for anyone and everyone wanting more of Jesus in their daily lives.

So...what exactly is The Ponder Pack?

This termly Ponder Pack takes an in-depth look at one idea or theme, starting with just one verse of Scripture and following it’s thread through the Bible.

The Ponder Pack provides us with a simple starting point - a strong foundation to encourage us, guide us and give us confidence and permission to spend time with God in a way that works for us and facilitates a deeper understanding and cultivates a stronger relationship between you and the Father.

The Ponder Pack contains four Ponder Prompts which will take us through an exploration of this amazing verse. As we work through the Ponder Guide, we will find ourselves pondering the word of God, letting it dwell within our hearts and change us, whilst looking more to Jesus in our everyday.

*Your PDF Ponder Guide

If you purchase the PDF version of the Ponder Guide you will receive an email within 48-72hrs of your purchase with a download link to your copy of the ponder guide.

You’ll have a digital copy of the Ponder Guide you will have the full ponder guide, but no prints. This item is digital only and does not include any physical items.

Your Ponder Guide is formatted as an A5 PDF Multipage Document - leaving plenty of room for notes and scribbles as you go if you choose to print it out!

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Making space for Jesus in the midst of everyday life.

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