Personalised Letter Artwork


by Sarah Dinsdale Studio


A one-off truly original hand lettered artwork, depicting a persons initial created out of your chosen words.

Ships from United Kingdom

Ready for dispatch in 1-2 Weeks

  • Free Delivery (UK)
  • International - £10.00

Product description

SPECIAL OFFER!!! For the month of November,  you will receive a free set of monochrome Love themed A4 prints with every personalised art order.

These custom artworks are a labour of love, and are entirely created by hand.  The letters are created with words that you choose to describe the person, and they are a unique way of celebrating our individual identities. These are often commissioned for special occasions, from birthdays, to confirmations to ordinations to anniversaries. Sometimes people like to gather their words from several friends or family members- so that everyone's different descriptive words can be joined together to make the letter. 

They are a lovely visual representation of all that is unique and valued about that person.  The words you choose to describe the individual are carefully worked into the shape of the letter by hand. They make a gift that is very personal, and that will speak encouragement and truth into their life for years to come. 

How are they created?

-You provide me with 16 descriptive words to describe a person, and the chosen initial.

-You list your words with your four lowest priority words at the bottom of your list.

-As the words you choose are going to vary in length, I am only able to  guarantee to fit 10 of the words in (but can often fit them all in). 

-Up to three of the words can be two word phrases (e.g. "much loved", or "domestic goddess").

-I lay it all out in the chosen initial in pencil. This is done entirely by hand and by eye.

-I am also able to do a number instead of a letter - please request this in the personalised info section.

-When I am happy with the composition I trace it onto the A4 300gsm textured card before finishing it in pen.

-These artworks come UNFRAMED and are A4 in size.

-The artwork is provided with extra thick recycled backing board for protection, and in a biodegradable cello wrapper.

-If you are looking for a frame, just drop me a message and I am happy to advise you on some frame suppliers that deliver swiftly.

Meet the Maker

Sarah Dinsdale Studio

Personalised artwork, prints, and cards, that celebrate uniqueness and bring encouragement.

I am a Mum living in Twickenham, with two non-stop boys, a patient husband, and a desire to create beautiful things for people. My roots are in fine art, which I studied at art college and have adored painting since I was little. 

I create personalised artwork, prints, and cards that celebrate our uniqueness and bring encouragement. I love that we are all created so hilariously differently - both inside and out. Whether I am painting silhouette portraits that capture every wisp of hair, or hand lettering personalised letters, I LOVE to celebrate the individual quirks and qualities that make us, us!

I believe that God created us uniquely, with great care and purpose - and this is deserving of celebration. My faith underpins all that I do and I would be nowhere without Gods word and the hope it brings. I have always found having visual reminders of bible verses around the house helps me get perspective, and to look up and see the the divine beauty within our mundane (yet extraordinary) lives.

In an age where so much artwork is churned out instantly using digital processes, I love to create my work by hand.  The effort gone into the finished piece represents the value being placed on the individual that it has been commissioned for. 

*Ten percent of profits are donated to the National Autistic Society* - an organisation doing amazing work to improve the lives of those impacted by Autism.  My family has been blessed personally by their amazing work and we want others to be able to benefit too.

 Enjoy having a look around and do get in touch if you have any questions.

You can also see what I am up to on Instagram and Facebook @sarahdinsdalestudio

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