Peaceful Sleep Gift Pack

by Perry-May

A lovely peaceful night's sleep can change your life, or at least your day! This gift is all about giving someone rest.

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Love, Perry-May


The gift of sleep is something that everyone needs. If you are looking for a way to bless someone with peaceful nights this is the perfect gift. In these very strange times where fear is constantly knocking at the door the gift of deep sleep can make such a difference.

The gift includes:

  • An A4 'I Sleep in Peace, I Live Unafraid' print on lovely thick textured paper, in clear cellophane
  • A little linen lavender bag to pop under their pillow at night
  • A 'You are loved' card which will have your personal note printed on
  • All of this comes in a gorgeous red envelope!

If you purchase this remember to leave us a short note (up to 120 characters) so that we can ensure they know who it is from.

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