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A5 writing paper - off white soft recycled paper with PSALM 25 'To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul’ inscription on the header.

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Product description

5 pages of A5 writing paper - off white soft recycled paper with PSALM 25

‘ To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul’ inscription on the header.

The Myrtle Tree is the first in a series of tree themed paper sets for crosscenteredscribbles.

Spurgeon writes on the significance of the Myrtle tree from Zechariah 1:18 as a picture of the church. The Myrtle trees are hidden in a grove in the same way the church of Christ is easily overlooked by the world. But the myrtle tree is also a source of refuge and peace for the Israelites. He writes ‘Even when opposed and persecuted, she has a peace which the world gives not, and which, therefore, it cannot take away: the peace of God which passeth all understanding keeps the hearts and minds of God’s people. Does not the metaphor forcibly picture the peaceful, perpetual growth of the saints?’ C H SPURGEON

The church is a people not an individual and in this time where it can feel like community is less accessible we need to keep encouraging one another, keep reminding each other of the refuge in Christ and keep longing for others to know Christ - we long that this writing set would help in that!

Meet the Maker


Postcards and gifts that aim to encourage, build up and share the gospel in an engaging and accessible way!

Hi welcome to crosscenteredscribbles! 

We long that our products whether they are postcards or enamel pins, would intrigue people to look further into the good news of Jesus and provide encouragement and assurance of God's love to all those who receive them. 

Crosscenteredscribbles was set up in 2016 by Inez and runs from Bath and London. CCS was set up as a result of Inez's love of sending letters combined with her love of the Lord and longing for many to hear about him! It started as a way of trying to create gospel-focused postcards that could be sent to anyone no matter what age/background etc and has grown into lots of different products! 

We try where we can to use sustainable materials, using only recycled materials for our postcard and greeting cards and recycled ink when printing. 

Thanks for stopping by and supporting small independent businesses like ours!

Inez x

Headshot of Inez Padiachy of crosscenteredscribbles | Cheerfully Given

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