by I Am So Many Things

Each mug has 14 unique declarations, designed to encourage and affirm: Red Great Faith-Orange Hope-Yellow Joy-Green-New Beginnings-Blue Blessing-Grey Strength.



Heaven is full of many colours, each has its own special meaning, this understanding of the power of colour inspired Thea as she created tour new range of multicoloured masterpieces.

This set contains one each of all six colours, each mug has 14 different biblically-based identity declarations, seven down each side, so these perfectly sized mugs will bless both left and right-handed drinkers!

Red means great faith and Orange means hope - Yellow symbolises joy, while Green means new beginnings - Blue represents blessing and Grey strength.

Made from fine bone china, they come in a generous 9cm x 9cm x 9cm size, and are also dishwasher safe.

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Meet the Maker

I Am So Many Things

'I Am So Many Things' is a range of books, mugs, prints and cards designed by Thea Muir with love, faith and care to help plant the seeds of life giving biblical truth about your God given identity into your heart.

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