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Prints & products handmade with creativity soul and love.

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Hello you. My name is Ruby and I run Meraki Designs Studio from my seaside hometown in the south of England. it is so lovely of you to stop by my cheerfully given store and I am really happy you are here!

I began Meraki Designs Studio in my Bournemouth university bedroom back in 2015. What started off as a university project has grown and developed into something wonderful. As my business has grown, so has my product range and it is continuing to do so. I currently produce a range of products such as illustrations, portraits, greeting cards, personalised prints and more recently my new venture "Clothed In Truth"... a unisex casual Christian clothing collection.

Meraki is Greek and means "To do something with creativity, soul & love"... in a nutshell that is my why. I truly believe I have been created by God to create beautiful things for others that empower, inspire and show them so much love. It is my deepest hope that my bespoke, God inspired artwork and products will bring you joy, inspire your creativity and soak your soul in truth.

"In the beginning God created..." (Gen 1)