Bible Tabs - Magenta Rose

by OpenBook Print Shop


Enjoy these beautiful Magenta Rose Bible Tabs created to help you find the books of the bible more easily and give it a unique look.

Ships from - United Kingdom

Enjoy these beautiful Magenta Rose Bible Tabs featuring  original artwork created by Judith Rollins using watercolour.

No glue or washi tape needed. Each tab is self-adhesive, so simply peel each one off the provided sheets and attach them to your Bible pages. In addition, these tabs are very lightweight and so will not cause wrinkles or tears to your page. Due to their material, they also have some water resistant properties.

Each set contains 66 handmade tabs as well as 6 blank tabs. These can be written on with permanent ink so that you can create your own personal tabs for your Bible,  planners or whatever you desire. 

***Please note that with any bible tabs, you should not use them to turn the pages. This will minimise the risk of tearing those precious pages. So take care.***

Ships from - United Kingdom

  • £2.95 - UK
  • £4.00 - International

Meet the Maker

OpenBook Print Shop

Bible Journaling Stationary and Encouragement

OpenBook Printshop is a place to find art and encouragement neatly packaged together. Here you'll find customised Bibles and Bible stationary.

The name of my shop came from the idea of finding ways to help people to keep their Bibles open. Bible Journaling is a way of illustrating or documenting what you learn as you read. As a keen Bible journaler myself, it has been exciting to create items that that can both encourage people to read their Bibles more, and explore the Word of God creatively.

Enjoy watercolour Bible stationary such as tabs, journaling stickers and postcards, all designed and handmade by me. All are great for personal use whilst also making wonderful gifts for friends and family! 

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