The Holy Week Project

by TheHope&GraceDesignCo.


Come ponder through Holy Week in a new way with us this year... This project is designed to take us into Holy Week with the disciples, watching events unfold...

Product description

Today we know that Jesus is the Messiah that God promised to his people. But two thousand years ago, without the comfort of hindsight, they did not.

Holy Week is the week that proves that Jesus is the Son of God. We look at it with hindsight and are able to see what God was doing. We see the story God was telling, we read it and it unfolds, we celebrate and remember the miraculous happenings of this Holy Week… but for the disciples, the followers and family of Jesus, for the ones on the ground, they did not know what God was doing. It was new, it was real and Jesus really did die.

So, here at Hope & Grace, this Holy Week, we are going to journey through the week alongside the disciples - and we’d love to invite you to journey with us.

Starting from Palm Sunday and working through to Easter Sunday, we will be looking at what the Church remembers on each of the days of the week. Guided by bible verses into poignant contemplation on what it must have been like 2000 years ago, our reflection cards will feature an illustrated design as well as some extra nudging to help you visualise the events that took place.

Our hope is that by finding yourself in the Easter story, you will be able to connect with it in a new way, engaging with the Biblical narrative to engage with the depth of meaning found within Hoy Week.

What will you receive?

  • 7 beautifully designed reflection cards - with an illustration on the front and bible verses to ponder on the back - designed to help you engage with the Easter story and contemplate what really happened during Holy Week.
  • A lovely slate print stand - simple and tactile - designed to showcase your reflection cards where you can see them, allowing you to ponder throughout the day and make a feature within your home during Holy Week.
  • A handmade fabric holding cross - created to be a tactile prompt as we ponder, and a focus for us as we remember the significance of the cross.


Your items will come via Royal Mail delivery. Due to COVID-19, we are asking you to allow up to a week for your delivery, as we are only dispatching orders once or twice per week, and many customers have experienced delays with delivery. 

Sending to someone else?

If you would like this item to be sent directly to someone else, please let us know & be sure to use their address as the delivery address. We can include a personalised note in their parcel too!

Meet the Maker


Making space for Jesus in the midst of everyday life.

Hi! I'm Anna, thanks for stopping by!

Here at Hope&Grace we are all about one thing: helping us to make time and space in the midst of our busy every day lives for JESUS. 

The thing about Jesus is this: he isn't a happy addition to our lives. He can be, but he shouldn't be. Jesus should be everything to us. In the middle of the madness of our 21st century lives it's harder to remember this than to forget. We get swept up, and all of a sudden it's been months since we prayed, worshipped, read our Bibles or set aside any intentional time to spend with God. 

Here at Hope&Grace we want to help you change this. 

In 2020 we launched The Ponder Project, a year long project to help us make space for time with Jesus. Each month we have a Ponder Pack which takes a look at one verse/passage of scripture in four digestible chunks which helps to make scripture more approachable, and Jesus more of a priority. 

All that we create here at Hope&Grace aims to help you get to know Jesus more... because friend, He really is the answer. 

If you'd like to know more come find us on social media @hopegracedesignco or have a look at our website

Anna xxx 

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