Handmade Bible Verse 3D Butterfly Philippians 4 v 7, 3D Gift

by Sovereign Art


Handmade Bible Verse 3D Butterfly Philippians 4 v 7 Gift Cello bag wrapped. Comes flat and is the ideal size to fit in a card, comes with instructions on how to bend the wings up to make the butterfly 3D, also comes with a glue dot. Butterfly.

Ships from - United Kingdom

Philippians 4 v 7, 3D Bible Verse Printed, Hand Made Butterfly
with 2mm real clear Rhinstones decorating the larger flowers, and real satin golden coloured bow. 

Ideal Gift to include within a card for a Birthday, Baptism, Christening, or Encouragement Generally.

Size (Butterfly Dimensions): 12cm x wide x 10.4cm high
Made from: 120gsm high quality waterproof white plastic (bendable)

The butterfly comes flat (cello bag wrapped), with 1 x glue dot, ready for you to bend up it's wings and stick to any flat surface (comes with instructions)
This item makes a great decoration for the home.

Ships from - United Kingdom

  • £0.50 - UK
  • £8.95 - International

Meet the Maker

Sovereign Art

Handmade illustrated Bible verse greetings cards & 3D handmade butterflies gifts celebrating Gods love & goodness by Sarah Sillitoe

Sovereign Art offer a range of greetings cards, art prints and beautiful 3D butterflies that can be stuck to most hard flat surfaces (windows, walls etc), an ideal unexpected joy filled gift to place within a greetings card as they come flat with instructions on how to make them 3D.

Their aim is to convey Gods truth and love in a way that speaks to children and adults alike through the use of modern joy filled beautiful cartoons. They hope their illustrated cards inspire people to write beautiful words in them, that touch peoples hearts. 

Sarah Sillitoe (founder of Sovereign Art)  has a National Diploma in General Art and Design, and an HND in Graphic Design.  She enjoys working with God to create illustrations that convey truth from interesting angles.

She has two grown up step children and enjoys working from home with her two cats and dog. She is particularly inspired by nature and loves incorporating small details like singing birds and animals into her illustrations.

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