Hand Painted Silhouette Portrait


by Sarah Dinsdale Studio

Why not create a family heirloom and commission a silhouette portrait to be hand painted from your photograph? These detailed unique paintings are 13 x 18cm.


Ships from United Kingdom

Ready for dispatch in 1-2 Weeks

  • Free Delivery (UK)
  • International - £10.00


SPECIAL OFFER!!! For the month of November, you will receive a free set of monochrome Love themed A4 prints with every personalised art order.

Commissioning a silhouette painting is a unique way of capturing a moment in time and treasuring it. They celebrate the fact that God made each one of us uniquely, and I take great care to show every detail to bring out the individual's characteristics. Their understated monochrome appearance has a timeless visual appeal that can appear contemporary, antique or retro, depending on how you choose to frame it.

How does the process work?

-You email me at sjdinsdale@gmail.com sending a photo of the individual's profile (using the tips below to help you).

-I use your photo to draw the profile in pencil onto the paper.

-I use very fine pens, and fine brushes with Indian ink to painstakingly (!) paint in the silhouette (on acid free 300gsm watercolour paper.)


-Though the painted areas are completely black there may be some minor brush marks / layering of ink visible on the finished product. This is because it is a hand painted product which is reflected in the texture and finish of the product (unlike a computer generated print).

-Though this is very subtle I believe this adds to the charm and the one-off nature of the product.

-The finished product has a slight shine to the ink, depending on how the light is shining on it. This is why in some of the photos there are slightly lighter areas, or little highlights that appear.


These portraits are drawn by hand from your photos, which means getting a true profile picture is really important. No need to use a fancy camera, a photo on your phone is just lovely. Here are a few little tips below!

Hair: Often it is the stray hairs that add personality. The important thing is that it looks true to them. Any lumps and bumps will be shown, so if you don’t want to see them, you can try and smooth them out. If longer hair is tied up it shows off the shape of their head nicely (and the shape of their ponytail / plait), but can be down if you wish.

Sitting Still: I appreciate this is not always easy for the littler ones (or even some grown ups). Looking at a screen often works, or a delicious little incentive of some sort.. If they are feeling very self conscious or fidgety it sometimes works to hold an image or book in front of them and get them to count something (in their head). That way they concentrate and their face is in a neutral and relaxed position – not stifling a laugh or scrunched up.

Head position: Check that you are at the same level as the person and that your camera / phone is level with their head and shoulders. Make sure they are looking straight ahead. It can help to have a sticker on a wall or object in front of them to look at, to help them look straight forward. They can be smiling, or have a neutral expression with the mouth shut. It usually works best to aim the camera roughly in line with the person’s temple.

Clothes: Keep clothes simple. A plain top / jumper/ t-shirt is ideal. Anything chunky (e.g. a hoodie, or a cardigan with prominent buttons) may create a distracting and lumpy neckline.

Background: The ideal would be having a blank wall behind them. It is possible to use photos with a busy background as long as their head is very clear in the photo.

Composition: Make sure that they are within the frame, and have not been cropped. The shoulders need to be visible.

When you have had a good look at the photo, and are confident that you are happy with it, e-mail it to me at sjdinsdale@gmail.com and I will double check it before confirming it is ok and going ahead.

It sounds like a long list, but it is important that the picture is a good representation of the person, so it can celebrate their unique features accurately.


If you need the painting soon for a special occasion, just let me know and I will do my best to process it quickly for you (I just can't always guarantee it).

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