Haggai 1v8 - Mountains - Watercolour print

by TheHope&GraceDesignCo.


This beautiful watercolour print holds an instruction from God to build the house of God - reminder for us today to use what we find in our hand to worship Him.

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Product description

'Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build my house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored,” says the Lord.' Haggai 1 v 8

While preparing a youth series to go alongside the adult series in Haggai at church, I was struck by this instruction from God to rebuild the house of the LORD. He spoke to a broken people, and told them to go and get timber and rebuild. 

This prophetic statement is alive for us today in two wonderful ways:

1) Even when things seem broken, God will provide what we need to rebuild.  

2) That there will always be something in our hands that we can use to worship - be it a talent, gift or resource. We can always worship with what he has given us. 

Both a challenge and a prophetic statement, this unique watercolour design is a stunning one for your home. 

A perfect gift for anyone needing encouragement to use what the find in front of them to worship God.  

'Mountains' has been printed on fine art quality gloss paper, we have worked to ensure that the colours in your print are as true to life as possible. 

A4 measures 29.7cm x 21cm 

 All of our prints come unframed, with a backboard, in cellophane, posted to you in a card backed envelope with an accompanying note on the bible reference to aid your enjoyment of the print. 

All of our designs work well together as triplets for your home - why not check out our other A4 prints.

Meet the Maker


Faith based watercolour prints and cards from our heart to yours.

Hi! I'm Anna, and I love to paint about my friend, Jesus. 

I'll paint anywhere you'll let me, and I'll paint anything that helps the world learn a bit more about how incredibly faithful He is. 

Hope and Grace began as the quiet dream of an eighteen year old Anna who loved to paint and had recently discovered the soul building quality of the point where watercolour and scripture meet. Some years later, The Hope and Grace Design Company was born out of that place. 

Using a unique style of watercolour lettering, and a love of the joy of The Word of God, Hope&Grace exists to inspire and encourage you in your faith and daily life. 

I paint each design by hand before ensuring the highest quality print for you, and I pray that each is full of the hope that can only be found in Jesus. 

I live just outside of Bath, England and take a huge amount of inspiration from the surrounding beauty of this area that I get to call home. 

Thanks for visiting Hope&Grace - its great to see you here! 

Anna xxx 

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