Statement Blue Necklace - Gifts to Encourage - Esther-Inspired Jewellery

by Fair Bloom


A beaded pastel blue necklace to remind us of God's absolute sovereignty and neverending faithfulness in times of difficulty.

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Product description

This necklace is inspired by the book of Esther. 

Nowhere is God’s name mentioned in the book of Esther, yet it teaches a very clear lesson on God’s sovereignty. In a time of exile and silence from God, His unseen hand of justice and faithfulness still prevails. Life is oftentimes chaotic, confusing and not according to what we plan - it becomes so easy to doubt, question and waver. And the centrepiece of this necklace represents that. With beads pointing here and there in random order, it was even confusing for me as I made it! 

However, when the necklace is viewed as a whole, the centrepiece transforms into something beautiful and coherent. And this is the same with God - we may not understand what is happening; where is God, how can this be for our good. But in light of God’s total plan, just as He was working during Esther’s time, He is working today and He is working for our good. It will be beautiful.

Delicately handmade from Czech glass crystals, tiny Japanese glass seed beads, pearls, and a glass lampwork bead, all stitched together with needle and thread.

The centrepiece measures 5cm and each beaded cube measures 1cm. The total necklace measures 48cm / 18.5inches. 

- Free Gift Packaging - 

Comes in a soft, linen bag, ready for gifting or for easy storage.

The whole thing is wrapped in crepe paper and tied with a bow, complete with a personalised note to the receiver of the  jewellery. I make the gift-receiving experience special. The box arrives to you all ready to be gifted, making gift-giving easy for you. 

Packaged in recyclable materials making this an eco-friendly labour of love to gift and receive.

- Product Care - 

Each piece comes with its own jewellery care instructions card making care for the product easy and simple. Follow those steps and your jewellery will last a lifetime. 

My jewellery is also tested and made to withstand regular wear on a day out, so you can be assured on its quality and strength.


Customised orders are possible and I am very happy to make something unique for you. Please contact me via the shop to get in touch xx

Ready to be shipped within 1- 3 working days.

Meet the Maker

Fair Bloom

Delicate Japanese glass seed bead jewellery to celebrate her

Fair Bloom represents the vision of all women knowing their true beauty and worth. It is the desire for women to recognise that who we are is wonderfully acceptable, unconditionally loved and definitely, definitely enough; there is no need to be more of this or less of that. We are beautiful because we are His. 

The word ‘beautiful’ seems to have lost the true offering it carries. The suffix -ful tagged on at the end of a word is often overlooked. But what if we broke the word down?

Wonderful = full of wonder

Joyful = full of joy

Beautiful = full of beauty

Standing alone, -ful becomes ‘full’ and returns the significance to the word.

Full = containing as much as possible; not lacking anything; having no empty space; complete.

I hope that my jewellery conveys the message that "You are beautiful. You are loved. You are not taken for granted."

Every woman is, without shame, a fair, beautiful bloom through Christ. And because of that, your story is worth celebrating.

Celebrating you,


Fair Bloom | Marianne Tan | Bible Verse Beaded Jewellery | Cheerfully Given

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