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by TheHope&GraceDesignCo.


The Bible Box is full to the brim with a selection of goodies to encourage, inspire, support and equip you to open your Bibles with confidence.

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Product description

The Bible is a big book, and although it is full of amazing truth, sometimes it can feel a little - or a lot! - overwhelming to sit down and read.

We know that, as Christians, reading the Bible is super important for us and we know that it’s good for us too as we walk with Jesus. You want to read the Bible every day, but sometimes it can be hard to get stuck into it. Finding a routine amidst the business of life is messy and difficult, and when you do sit down to read a few chapters, you find that you don’t even understand what it’s saying.

It can sometimes feel like a bit of a lonely journey, especially when it seems that everyone else knows exactly what they’re doing.

There are a lot of voices out there saying what we ‘need’ to read the Bible, and it can also be difficult to have all our supplies in one place for when we do sit down, ready to get stuck into the Word.

Enter: The Bible Box!

The Bible Box is a starting place - a place to find inspiration, motivation and practical tools to help you start digging into Scripture with everything you need right at your fingertips.

With colourful prints and other goodies to help your Bible feel more like home, and a simple, step by step, guide on how to get the most out of what you’re reading - your Bible Box will soon become a little encouraging companion to help guide you on the days when it seems too much.

Together, not alone, we can learn about our Jesus and begin to hear His voice for ourselves - turning to the Word easily and confidently whenever and wherever we need it.

In your Full Bible Box you will find: 

2 x A6 Recycled Prints

2 x Professionally Printed Bookmarks

1 x Stack of Colourful Post-It Notes 

1 x Mechanical Pencil 

1 x A5 Zip Wallet

1 x Highlighter

1 x Notebook (personalisable*)

1 x Starting Points/Simple Method card to help us with a beautifully simple way to begin our reading. 

Your box will include a few extra goodies and a letter too!

For our Mini and Midi Bible Boxes see our other listings. 

*Personalising Your Notebook 

To get your (or your friend's!) name painted on the front of your notebook, just pop a note in the box above!


I pray that these Bible Boxes encourage and equip us to be confident to open up our Bibles and hear from God in a new, fresh and engaging way.

Meet the Maker


Making space for Jesus in the midst of everyday life.

Hi! I'm Anna, thanks for stopping by!

Here at Hope&Grace we are all about one thing: helping us to make time and space in the midst of our busy every day lives for JESUS. 

The thing about Jesus is this: he isn't a happy addition to our lives. He can be, but he shouldn't be. Jesus should be everything to us. In the middle of the madness of our 21st century lives it's harder to remember this than to forget. We get swept up, and all of a sudden it's been months since we prayed, worshipped, read our Bibles or set aside any intentional time to spend with God. 

Here at Hope&Grace we want to help you change this. 

In 2020 we launched The Ponder Project, a year long project to help us make space for time with Jesus. Each month we have a Ponder Pack which takes a look at one verse/passage of scripture in four digestible chunks which helps to make scripture more approachable, and Jesus more of a priority. 

All that we create here at Hope&Grace aims to help you get to know Jesus more... because friend, He really is the answer. 

If you'd like to know more come find us on social media @hopegracedesignco or have a look at our website www.hopegracedesignco.co.uk

Anna xxx 

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