Francesca Delderfield Illustration

Illustrated prints & cards designed in South Wales, UK.

Francesca was a recent graduate of Leeds College of Art (now Leeds Arts University). After trying out a number of different creative mediums, she decided illustration was something she would like to pursue professionally, and begun her first step of opening an Etsy shop.

Francesca's prints take inspiration from God's beautiful creation. Her work often incorporates floral designs, swirling patterns and compositions of different plants. Her current illustration style grew out of one particular piece of work she created when anxious - one that reminded her of Jesus' love for her and the hope she has in him. She also likes to carve print blocks to create individual printed pieces.

Since beginning her business, Francesca has looked into ways of making her art more sustainable. She strives to take better care of the beautiful world God made for us and thinks this should show in her business, too. Examples of this are printing on recycled paper, and packaging items sustainably.

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