Bible verse scripture cards | Prayer Postcard Pack

by Zoeprose


A lovely set of Bible verse scripture cards containing Bible verses to help us fix our eyes on eternal things. This set of 6 postcards are great to create a prayer wall or send to friends as encouragement.

Ships from - United Kingdom

Product description

I created this postcard prayer set because wanted to make a family prayer wall in our home, where we could pray for others but also wanted to have reminders of God’s truth for us to think on. This is a set of six Bible verse postcards, all from hand lettered designs.

These beautiful Bible verse scripture cards are postcard sized and perfect for stringing or sticking up with photos of the people or places on your heart, as a prayer wall.  You could also pop them in your Bible or send to friends as reminders of God’s truth, and his love for us.


Each postcard is A6

Printed with archival inks on lovely 300gsm paper (no fading here!) 

Packaged and sent first class to get to you speedily

Other sets are available here!


Ships from - United Kingdom

  • £0.75 - UK

Meet the Maker


Sharing God's great story through Bible inspired woven wall hangings, watercolour prints and cards

Hello! I'm Zoe and I'm so happy to see you here! 

I love stories (unsurprisingly as an English Lit lover!) but I also love how all of our lives and the Bible point to the biggest and best story of God's redemption.  All of my weavings, watercolour prints and cards are inspired by God's amazing story of love. Inspired by the beauty of creation, many of my products feature floral watercolours surrounding handlettered Bible verses.  I also create handwoven wall hangings, each inspired by the Bible and God's riches within it. My hope is that through God's word we can remember both the significance of our own stories and of his story for us and others. 

I started Zoeprose when I began to dig deeper into God’s Word and to connect with Him creatively- and he reminded me of how he created me to be creative and share his light with others. 

When I'm not chasing my little ones or getting the house messy with paints or baking I enjoy writing on my blog and finding new friends on instagram (@zoeprose). 


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