Bible Tabs - Lotus Berry

by OpenBook Print Shop


Enjoy these beautiful Lotus Berry Bible Tabs created to help you find the books of the bible more easily and give your bible a unique look.

Product description

Enjoy these beautiful Lotus Berry Bible Tabs featuring  original artwork created by Judith Rollins  using watercolour.

No glue or washi tape needed. Each tab is self-adhesive, so simply peel each one off the provided sheets and attach them to your Bible pages. In addition, these tabs are very lightweight and so will not cause wrinkles or tears to your page. Due to their material, they also have some water resistant properties.

Each set contains 66 handmade tabs as well as 6 blank tabs. These can be written on with permanent ink so that you can create your own personal tabs for your Bible,  planners or whatever you desire. 

***Please note that with any bible tabs, you should not use them to turn the pages. This will minimise the risk of tearing those precious pages. So take care.***

Meet the Maker

OpenBook Print Shop

Bible Journaling Stationery and Hand Printed Items

OpenBook Print Shop aims to highlight the beauty of the bible in both a practical and visual way. The bible is full of poetic and impactful words, which when reimagined through art and imagery, can inspire and encourage those who see them. Using watercolour and linoleum carvings, I create bible journaling stationery and hand-printed items in the hope that others will delve deeper, linger longer, and see scripture through fresh and creative eyes.

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