Bible Alphabet Flash Cards

by Grizzli Bear

A set of 26 flash cards, each with a letter of the alphabet, a matching keyword, an illustration and corresponding Bible verse


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These flash cards offer a biblically framed, fun way, to introduce your children to their first adventure into learning to read.

As well as 26 individually illustrated letter-cards, with rounded edges (to help them last longer with teething kids and heavy-handed toddlers), inside each box is an additional, two-sided card with tips and ideas for how to use them with your kids.

Designed to work alongside phonics education at home, at nursery or at school, each of these cards have their letter shown as a capital and lowercase.

When starting with first sounds and letter recognition, it's best to start with the lowercase sound, for example 'a' for 'Adam' rather than the capital 'A' sounding like 'able'. When children move on to further phonics and learning to blend sounds together to make words, they will use these lowercase sounds to blend, for example c-a-t. To help with this, each chosen keyword on these alphabet cards corresponding to that lowercase sound, a for Adam, o for olive etc.

A great way to teach not only first sounds and letter shapes, but also lessons on Bible truths and history!

You can start using these cards as soon as you start reading books to your child, it's never too early for Bible teaching and they will love the colours and picture, especially the high contrast cards such as 'T' 'V' and 'M'.

Printed on 400gsm card, with a gloss laminated finish to protect against scratches and marks. Each set comes in a kraft box, and comes with an additional card with plenty of ideas and tips for how to use these flashcards with your kids.

Designed to help children come to Jesus, right from day 1, by Jenny at Grizzli Bear

Meet the Maker

Grizzli Bear

Grizzli Bear is a small company based in London, run by Jenny (wife to 1, mum to 2). She makes and designs zip pouches, with Bible verses and Christian encouragements printed on them in colourful flock. Grizzli Bear is also the home of the Alphabet Bible Flashcards, the Baby & Mama Milestone Cards, and some lovely gifts and prints too. Please allow 1-2 weeks for items to be made before shipping, but orders will often be sent out faster than this.

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