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Send a Cheerfully Given Gift

We’re aware many want to share the delightful goodies on offer by our amazing Cheerfully Given sellers and have been getting emails asking how to send items as a gift.

We don’t currently have a ‘this is a gift’ option so have included this handy little guide to explain how to do it.

Note: Not all sellers will be able to include gift notes (individual shops have varying postage systems).

If you’re a little stuck picking a gift, there are three options to help you:

How to send a gift instructions on Cheerfully Given Step 1 and 3
How to find a gift on Cheerfully Given instructions

Right, you’ve picked your blessing box or encouragement gift - what next?

Adding notes to an order on the product page instructions
How to add information on the product page instructions
Text idea of additional notes to include for sending a gift
How to add additional notes for sending a gift instructions
What to click when adding additional notes for sending as a gift instructions
Text for how to go to checkout in sending a gift on Cheerfully Given

You're now through to the 'basket' page.

How to alter notes before checkout on Cheerfully Given instructions
How to edit notes before checkout instructions on website
How to make sure you've got the right addresses on Cheerfully Given for sending a gift
Text description on how to leave a note for sending a gift on Cheerfully Given
Text for how to find show notes on basket page at Cheerfully Given
Where to find show notes on Cheerfully Given product page

And that’s it! Save the addresses and continue to postage and payment.

The important thing is to let the shop owner know the order is a gift being sent directly to the gift recipient and the easiest way to do that is to add a note in the ‘additional notes’ box.

Hope that helps!

The Cheerfully Given Team xx